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Sanident Dental Practice offers a wide range of general dentistry services for the whole family.
In our offices in Milan, Naples and Bergamo, a team of professionals with years of studies and experience behind them are ready to offer the center’s patients an absolutely qualified and high-quality service in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

You don’t mess around with dental health: to be a surgeon or a dentist Sanident we must pass rigid and rigorous selection tests precisely because we require a very high level of our specialists both in terms of training and expertise and of humanity and understanding of the needs of our patients.

Trust our dental practices for every possible dental procedure, because the health of the body starts right from the mouth.

If there is that, everything else will improve!

Problems and solutions


Caries and root canals

To prevent the onset of tooth decay, daily oral hygiene and regular check-ups at the dentist are essential.

Portrait of frustrated young woman clenching teeth.

Bruxism and Malocclusion

Do you grind your teeth or have jaw pain? You may have bruxism. Learn about the symptoms, causes and available treatments.

In the dental office

Professional Hygiene

Professional Hygiene is the fundamental service for maintaining a healthy mouth and a shining smile.


Dental phobia

The dental phobia patients are more sensitive, for them the Sanident center has a special attention.

Why undergo a Dental Visit

Why choose us

  • Professionalism and competence: our team of dentists is highly qualified and has proven experience in the dental sector.
  • Cutting-edge technology: we use the most innovative technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of dental pathologies.
  • Personalized approach: each patient is unique and for this reason we offer personalized treatment plans, based on their specific needs.
  • Comfort and safety: our dental office is welcoming and safe, to guarantee you a pleasant and relaxing treatment experience.

Our approach in General Dentistry

Thanks to the combination of advanced equipment technology and direct examination of the Patient by a Sanident Dentist, a complete picture of the situation of the teeth, dental arches and mouth tissues is obtained as well as a control of the delicate articulation mechanisms between the jaw and jaw.

In case of pathologies found, the Patient will immediately obtain a Detailed Care Plan and a Cost Estimate for treatment with the possibility of Personalized Payments.

Orthopanoramic is a radiological examination that allows a global view of the dental arches and adjacent bone structures and is therefore the basic examination of every dental treatment.

This exam allows you to view all the areas covered by the dental visit with a single exposure, offering the doctor a complete view of the patient’s anatomy.

The equipment used by Sanident to perform this type of x-ray uses advanced direct current technology, guaranteeing the patient the minimum radiation dose and an optimal final result.

The visit and diagnosis

A correct diagnosis, carried out by means of a precise radiological examination, allows the dentist to identify in an early way and therefore to cure, in a timely manner, any pathologies present in the patient’s mouth.

This is only possible if the X-ray image is of superior quality.
In cases where greater in-depth analysis is required, such as for traditional or zygomatic implant surgery, specialists use three-dimensional images generated by a CT scan with digital support with low X-ray emission.
With modern SANIDENT Digital Radiology, the image is acquired, transmitted to the Clinic Server and reproduced on the screens in real time with clear and precise details.

So no more waiting times, the acquired image is immediately available for the dental visit and can subsequently be sent to the patient electronically.
The original image is stored in the digital archive on the Sanident Clinic Server within the Patient’s Personal Health Record and can therefore be easily recalled for any other consultations or comparative tests.

The superior quality of digital images ensures a high diagnostic value and allows the dentist to detect any pathologies with greater confidence and earliness.
To better respond to the clinical case of the individual patient, the dentist can request an enlargement of the details, measurements, reconstructions and obtain a personalized diagnostic examination by collaborating with the Sanident Radiologist and integrating his specialist knowledge with that of the radiologist.

The duration of the visit is approximately 40 minutes and no specific preparation for the exam is necessary.

Pregnant women
Radiological examinations cannot be performed on pregnant women.
If you are pregnant or think you may be, tell your doctor immediately.
In Sanident there are alternative technologies for diagnosis without the use of X-rays, for example the Diagnocam, a laser optical device for detecting dental caries without X-ray emissions.

Useful information

Surgical tooth extraction

Fractured or chipped tooth

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