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Guarantees and Certifications

Guarantee and Certifications

Lifetime guarantee on dental implants.

The patient who turns to the Sanident Clinics obtains the international lifetime guarantee on dental implants. Our clinics, with more than 1500 operations per year (each) and a team of implant surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons, stand out by giving the patient a guarantee also through the selection of high quality materials such as Aiser implants.

The risks associated with implantology - let's clarify

The risks associated with implantology, compared to other branches of medicine, are however limited and it is possible to intervene to remedy small problems such as lack of osseointegration. Certainly, the major causes of implant failure are inexperience and superficiality in assessing the problems.

For this reason, in the Sanident Clinics, planning is considered fundamental for the optimal success of the operation.

Warranty and Security

Sanident offers a lifetime international guarantee on dental implantology and zygomatic implantology.
From 2 to 5 years warranty on fillings, reconstructions, endodontics, crowns, bridges and complete arches services.

To know

Bone atrophy or poor bone density

The bone plays an important role in the osteointegration process which, however, occurs at a later stage. During surgery, good bone makes everything easier. If there is bone atrophy (i.e. poor presence of bone), on the contrary, the operation will require greater attention and more in-depth analysis. In more serious cases, such as bone atrophy, the experience of the implantologist and the solutions offered by modern implantology will be relied upon: small implants, inclined implants or, in extreme cases, bone grafting.

To know

The importance of a team with great experience

Relying on inexperienced dentists constitutes one of the greatest risks even if, perhaps, it is the least perceived of all. What are the major causes of an implant failure? Impertinence and superficiality in evaluating problems. Planning is essential for optimal success of the intervention.

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