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Dental Implantology: Complete Guide to a Perfect Smile

Dental implantology is the revolutionary solution for those seeking a complete and long-lasting smile. Let’s explore the details together, from the process to its countless …

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Healthy Teeth: Your Smile of Confidence

The importance of dental care for a smile that is always at the top Your teeth are a crucial aspect of your health and the …

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periodontitis, plaque and tartar

Periodontitis: an infection to avoid! How much do you know about it?

Periodontitis or pyorrhea is an infection which, if neglected, causes irreversible damage. Bacteria, during meals, can attach to our teeth as a result the only …

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Periodontitis and overweight. Is there a correlation?

Periodontitis is a widespread disease that creates widespread problems and discomforts for many patients. Sometimes its severity can even lead to surgery and implants to …

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Jaw that pops

When and why to consult a gnathologist? Here are the reasons

The gnathologist is a specialist in the treatment of all those disorders linked to poor occlusion of the jaw and the muscular system. Among …

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White patina? A sign not to be underestimated

The phenomenon of white tongue is often a cause for concern as it can also be seen with the naked eye precisely because our …

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Painless implantology

Dentist or implantologist: when the choice is important

Dentist or Implantologist: who should you choose? A dental problem needs a dentist, but not all dental problems are the same, so looking for …

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implantology in 24 hours

Success factors of immediate loading implantology

Immediate loading implantology has been a great achievement in the field of dental medicine. This conquest has allowed many patients to regain their smile and …

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Bruxism, a disorder that affects nearly one in three people.

Grinding your teeth by rubbing the upper arch with the lower one is a widespread activity that we often carry out even unconsciously during …

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Genetic predisposition to periodontitis

Periodontitis, an underestimated problem. How to recognize it and what to eat

Also known as pyorrhea, periodontitis is a disease that affects the gums. Going more specifically, it is actually an infection that affects all the …

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toronto bridge

Immediate loading implantology. The All on 4 and All on 6 techniques

Immediate loading implantology has been an important conquest that has allowed many patients to return to showing off an enviable smile in a short …

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Dental implant, what to eat after surgery

Undergoing surgery to insert a dental implant is never an easy choice. Many patients are frightened because they have a phobia of the dentist, others …

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inflammation of elderly gums

Old age and oral health. Risks, problems and how to deal with them

When it comes to oral health, an entire branch is now taken into consideration which is made up of many fields, but which above all …

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resistance of zirconia dental prostheses

Dental prostheses: fixed prostheses and removable prostheses. Which one to choose?

When you lose one or more teeth you can suffer, most of the time, a psychological repercussion. But what happens specifically? Our smile is no …

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types of anesthesia

Fear of the dentist? Here’s how to overcome it with conscious sedation

The term “odontophobia” encompasses in all respects the fear that some people have of the dentist. Conscious sedation tries to remedy this problem and …

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