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In our center of Milan we deal with zygomatic implantology.

Zygomatic implantology is the solution for those who have little bone in the upper jaw and still don’t want to give up having fixed teeth.

If you have severe bone atrophy, you are not necessarily destined for the use of dentures and you could avoid resorting to complex and invasive procedures such as bone grafting and bone regeneration.

The procedure of a bone graft consists in taking part of the bone from the patient’s hip and implanting it in the mouth, the whole process which then leads to the possibility of inserting the implants on that bone lasts about a year. So in addition to undergoing bone transplantation, the permanence of edentulia (the absence of teeth) is prolonged for a very long period.

There is a way to avoid all this, it is precisely the innovative operating technique of zygomatic implantology, capable of solving serious problems of maxillary atrophy, and which we perform in our center in Milan.

What is an operation of zygomatic implantology

The advantage of a zygomatic implant surgery consists in the possibility of anchoring the implants directly to the cheekbone. This innovative surgical technique allows the insertion of fixed teeth in a day and without any particular trauma just like for immediate loading implantology.

Post-intervention pain tends to be irrelevant: it can be easily eliminated with a normal ibuprofen-based tablet, the same one you use for headaches.

Since this is a particularly innovative and complex operation, few centers like ours are capable of performing such treatment.

Zygomatic implantology: what risks

milano zygomatic implantologyThe first application of zygomatic implantology was practiced in 1987 by the implantologist Branemark. It was in fact the first to insert zygomatic implants for the dental rehabilitations of the upper arch.

At the beginning, this type of surgical technique was used above all for those patients who had undergone major bone resections following cancer surgery.

Today, after twenty years, the panorama of possible therapeutic applications has expanded considerably, making zygomatic implantology one of the best alternatives to traditional bone surgery in cases of serious maxillary atrophy.

Titanium implants are anchored in the bones of the cheekbone to ensure that the prosthetic teeth of the upper arch have a stable support. In this way, immediate rehabilitation can be achieved in a single surgical procedure.

The scientific literature that collects studies on zygomatic implantology indicates the success rate of this technique between 98 and 100%, with a measurement at 5 and 10 years.

No particular complications are noted, minor and temporary collateral consequences were detected, such as: sinusitis (5-10% of cases) and altered sensitivity in the zygoma of the skin (5% of cases); solvable with appropriate and brief therapies.


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    Zygomatic implantology: the advantages

    milano zygomatic implantsIn the presence of a scarce quantity or even in the absence of upper jaw bone there are two ways to go: the bone graft and the zygomatic implantology, in our center in Milan we are able to walk both roads, but we prefer the second solution.

    The advantages of zygomatic implantology compared to bone grafting are many: in the first instance the success rate, the zygomatic implant is 98% successful compared to 80% of bone grafting.

    Secondly and no less negligible: the duration of the intervention. As we have already had the opportunity to explain in the previous lines, there is a rehabilitation in 24 hours in the case of zygomatic implantology and in one year for the intervention with bone graft.

    The zygomatic implantology leaves no mark on the face, no scar, because the implants, as in the case of immediate loading, are inserted from the inside of the mouth.

    In summary, zygomatic implantology is a highly performing therapeutic solution capable of solving the patient’s problem in a very short time. Advantages that make the innovative surgical technique highly appreciated in the clinical setting. Contact us for more information or to arrange a preliminary visit.

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