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With the loss of teeth shame and annoyances that have an impact on normal daily activities such as eating or talking take over and heartening to know that there is a saving solution. Thanks to implantology, the void left by the missing teeth will be offset by brand-new teeth that are so similar to natural ones that it will be difficult to find the differences. Why prefer implantology to bridges, dentures and skeletons? To understand this, it is important to understand what dental implants are and what they are.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium screw that has the task of replacing the root of the tooth and which, anchored to the bone, will act as a support for the capsule or for the prosthesis of an entire arch.

There are hundreds of models of dental implants, all born to give a solution to the most disparate cases. In fact, each patient has his own anatomy and will require the use of specific implants capable of solving a well-defined case.

5 reasons to rely on implantology


With dental implants the health of healthy and neighboring teeth is not affected

Assuming you need to get a single tooth back, the example is given by the comparison between a single dental implant and a bridge that rests on neighboring natural teeth.
The neighboring teeth must be filed and reduced to abutments to support the bridge.

If the neighboring teeth are healthy it is a pity to file them because they are exposed to caries and fractures (a filed tooth is more prone to fractures and caries than to a healthy tooth) and this is why this solution is recommended only in cases where the teeth of support are already severely compromised.


With dental implants, which act as new roots of the artificial tooth, the process of bone resorption is stopped

The roots, in fact, are important for bone health and their presence prevents their reabsorption.
This phenomenon is found in elderly people with the reduction of the jaw bone and jaw bone. The figure below makes this phenomenon easily understandable.

Phenomenon of bone resorption


With dental implants the patient receives a long-term solution, compared to bridges or dentures

It often happens that tooth decay affects the very natural and healthy tooth that supports the denture or a bridge; especially bridges do not allow perfect oral hygiene. The situation is aggravated by the overload on the natural teeth that will also support the prosthesis. The duration of an implant, on the other hand, can be unlimited as long as the patient follows the advice of his dentist.


With dental implants, stability and comfort are assured

Imagine dentures and then think of a fixed implant. The first can move and sometimes make simple actions like eating difficult. Imagine the discomfort that would result if you lost it. Furthermore, the denture can be cumbersome and exerts pressure on the gum causing discomfort. With implants, on the other hand, there are fixed and stable teeth.


With dental implants your smile returns, natural and beautiful

The patient will obtain a long-lasting, comfortable result and impeccable aesthetics thanks to teeth that appear natural.

Relying on implantology, why?

To conclude, it is right to summarize the reasons why a patient should rely on implantology. First of all, to preserve the health of adjacent teeth.

As we have seen, dentures and bridges can impact on natural teeth and the onset of caries is much more frequent, especially in the case of filings.

The fixed teeth, obtained with an implant, are synonymous with stability over time and comfort; moreover, the implants prevent bone resorption and the associated aesthetic problems (visible changes on the face).

The naturalness and tranquility of resuming normal and simple daily gestures, such as eating, talking and smiling, is the most beautiful result a patient can receive.

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