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What is bruxism?

Bruxism is the condition that causes the teeth to be in contact with each other for several hours a day instead of just a few minutes during chewing.

Some people grind their teeth only at night, some people only during the day and still others both during the day and at night: in all cases this condition always leads to wear on the surface of the teeth.

The causes of bruxism are not known, it was thought that bruxism served to smooth out all those interferences that exist in people who have a malocclusion, almost as if nature wanted to correct the incorrect closure of the mouth on its own.

Malocclusion often has family origins, for example class III (or reverse bite).


We start with in-depth examinations such as ConeBeam CT scans to understand the level of damage the joint has reached. After evaluating the degree of impairment it is possible to continue with different types of treatment.

First of all it is necessary to relax the muscles to regain the correct fluidity of the movement of the jaw.
Then, it is necessary to correct the occlusion with a bite to ensure that the teeth are aligned in the new mandibular position.

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To know

The above is only possible if the x-ray image is of superior quality, like ours.

In cases where more in-depth analysis is required, such as for traditional or zygomatic implant surgery, the specialists make use of three-dimensional images generated by a CT scan with low-emission X-ray digital support.

With the modern SANIDENT Digital Radiology, the image is acquired, transmitted to the Server of the Clinic and reproduced on the screens in real time with clear and precise details. So no more waiting times, the acquired image is immediately available for the Dental Visit and can then be sent to the patient electronically.

The original of the image is stored in the digital archive on the Sanident Clinic Server within the Patient’s Personal Health Record and can therefore be easily recalled for any other consultations or comparative tests.

The superior quality of digital images ensures a high diagnostic value and allows the dentist to detect any pathologies with greater confidence and earliness. To better respond to the clinical case of the individual patient, the dentist can request an enlargement of the details, measurements, reconstructions and obtain a personalized diagnostic examination by collaborating with the Sanident Radiologist and integrating his specialist knowledge with that of the radiologist. The duration of the visit is approximately 40 minutes and no specific preparation is required for the exam. Pregnant Women Radiological tests cannot be performed on pregnant women.

If you are pregnant or think you may be, tell your doctor immediately. In Sanident there are alternative technologies for diagnosis without the use of X-rays, for example the Diagnocam, a laser optical device for detecting dental caries without X-ray emissions.