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milan zygomatic implantology

What is zygomatic implantology?

Zygomatic implantology is the solution for those who have little bone in the upper arch and do not want to give up having fixed teeth.

It consists in the possibility of anchoring the implants directly to the cheekbone, allowing the fixed teeth to be inserted in one day and without particular traumas (just as happens with traditional immediate loading implantology).


The advantage of zygomatic implant surgery consists in the possibility of anchoring the implants directly to the cheekbone. This innovative surgical technique allows you to insert fixed teeth in one day and without particular trauma, just as happens with immediate loading implantology.

Post-surgery pain is generally irrelevant: it can be easily eliminated with a normal ibuprofen-based tablet.


The scientific literature that collects studies on zygomatic implantology indicates the success rate of this technique between 98 and 100%, with a measurement at 5 and 10 years.

No particular complications are evident, mild and temporary collateral consequences have been detected such as: sinusitis (5-10% of cases) and altered sensitivity in the skin area of the cheekbone (5% of cases); solvable in the vast majority of cases with appropriate therapies.

Why undertake zygomatic implant surgery

Teeth model with dental implant in stomatology clinic

1: Cutting-edge methodologies

You have probably heard of people or friends who have had to wait several months before smiling again with fixed teeth. We, thanks to immediate loading implantology, are able to return your smile within 24 hours. We are able to perform transmucosal implantology that does not require the cutting of the gingiva and the resulting stitches. This is to the advantage of an extremely rapid recovery and a considerable reduction in discomfort. If you have teeth to extract, we can extract them in the same session of the operation, following the protocols of post-extractive implantology, and to position the implants in the same point where you had the teeth. At Sanident we will always follow the most modern techniques to guarantee safety and comfort. Dentistry, in the last decade, has made great strides in terms of innovation and patient care. We follow the pace and for this reason we are able to offer pain-free implantology and zygomatic implantology. Highly qualified and up-to-date personnel supported by the most sophisticated technological tools make implantology accessible even to dental phobics.

2. Experience and advanced training

Experience, together with the provision of cutting-edge technologies by the dental centre, is an important variable, studies and research confirm that failure in implantology is almost always attributable to poor experience on the part of the dentist or to cross-infections during the procedure. ‘intervention. Sanident, implantology center in Milan and Naples, and Bergamo offers its patients a team of dentists who trained at the New York University of Dentistry and who are speakers at implantology and regenerative surgery courses and conferences. Our staff is continuously enriched with new professional profiles, some of them prestigious exponents of the international circuit Aiser (Switzerland), Straumann (Switzerland), Dentsply (United States) and Nobel Biocare, (Sweden) world leading companies for innovative implantology and zygomatic. To cover the role of scientific consultant of rehabilitation surgery and to coordinate the entire surgical unit in our implantology centers in Milan and implantology in Naples, is prof. Francesco Grecchi assisted by Prof. Sergio Diana professor at the University of Genoa. Italian luminaries in the field of implantology, internationally recognized, with specific specialization in zygomatic implantology and immediate loading rehabilitation technique with multiple implants All on Four. Our goal is excellence in the dental field for every patient who has directed his choice towards us. For us there are no series A patients and series B patients, all patients can avail themselves, always and in any case, of all the professionalism present in the Sanident dental centers. Furthermore, our leading clinic in the sector in Milan has been operating for more than 10 years and boasts over 1,500 dental implant operations with complex rehabilitation every year and more than 36,000 patients treated in the last six years and it is so much experience that allows us to face every intervention with the utmost serenity.

3. Materials and warranty

As in all sectors, even for dental implants there are two opposite poles: low cost implants and premium price ones. Sanident has chosen to offer its patients the guarantee of a result that lasts over time and that also passes through the selection of the best dental implants: Aiser, Straumann, Nobel, Dentsply, to name a few. The implants used by Sanident are supported by scientific evidence and clinical trials. Furthermore, our centers guarantee the patient a lifetime guarantee on the implants. Being able to count on a wide availability of implants is synonymous with guarantee and reliability for the patient. There are cases, as can often happen in post-extraction implantology, in which it is important to have a wide range of dental implants both in terms of range and type and in terms of length and diameter in order to offer the patient the best solution for his mouth. In our implantology centers in Milan and Naples you will always find a personalized solution, made up of implants and materials that best suit your needs. Also for bone regeneration we rely exclusively on the highest quality materials of Geistlich Pharma AG and Straumann AG, Swiss companies that are world leaders in the sector.

4. Patient care

Building a relationship of trust between doctor and patient is our priority. A prerequisite that we never do without, especially during the personnel selection phase. Sanident dentists will always do everything to understand your needs, to find the best solution to your problem, to create the necessary relationship of trust between doctor and patient. We will take care of you from the first visit and we will follow you during and after the surgery. You will always know that, for any problem, you have a clinic by your side ready to defend your new-found smile. Our implantology centers in Milan and now also the new implantology center in Naples will always be your point of reference. Our dentists will give you all the information to follow in the post-operative period and will schedule periodic checkups.

5. Avant-garde equipment

Sanident clinics make use of high-end instruments to carry out precise diagnoses, starting from the bone situation with the measurement of all the fundamental parameters such as height and density. We use orthopanoramic digital X-rays but we also have the innovative 3D Cone Beam CT and the three-dimensional Facial Scanner able to provide us with important information on the health of your mouth especially if the starting situation is not optimal. Thanks to the TAC, we will be able to plan the intervention on the computer and, if necessary, carry out the surgical templates for a guided computer implantology. Thanks to the three-dimensional facial scanner our technicians will be able to build custom-made prostheses by adapting their sizing to the correct profile of the tissues adjacent to the patient’s dental arches. Thanks to CAD/CAM technology we will be able to create prostheses with unimaginable precision for those who only make them by hand. We also use the modern Digital Intraoral Scanner to take impressions of the dental arches with extreme precision and comfort, thus avoiding the annoying operations with silicones and plasters as was done in the past. We have surgical rooms dedicated to implantology and maxillofacial and zygomatic surgery. Reserved and sterilized with adjoining post-operative day-surgery rooms for patients. Very few dental centers are equipped with so much technology that it is not an end in itself but necessary to always guarantee optimal work.

6. Clear and personalized estimates

We believe that every patient is a special case. For this reason, after a careful analysis of the starting situation, we will elaborate a personalized estimate based on a precise care plan. The estimate is clear and transparent: you will find the list of each individual item, alongside the relative price and the possibility of paying the cost in instalments. We are sure of being competitive at 360 degrees: from the staff to the environment, from the equipment to the materials, from the guarantees to the price. All enclosed in avant-garde clinics where the best professionals who put your health at the top of their priorities work with passion. Do you want to permanently solve your dental problems and undergo implantology in Milan or implantology in Naples? You just have to contact us

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In our center we provide excellence: multi-qualified implantology professionals with thousands of documented interventions, the cutting-edge tools that allow us to do our job well, an eye on the patient from the moment he enters in the clinic, with a detailed analysis of your starting condition and the development of a personalized quote, until the end of the treatment, with well-scheduled check-up appointments and a lifetime guarantee on dental implants.

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The zygomatic implants

Curiosity: History of zygomatic implants

The first application of zygomatic implantology was practiced in 1987 by the implantologist Branemark. It was in fact the first to insert zygomatic implants for the dental rehabilitations of the upper arch.

At the beginning, this type of surgical technique was used above all for those patients who had undergone major bone resections following cancer surgery.

Today, more than thirty years later, the panorama of possible therapeutic applications has expanded greatly, making zygomatic implantology one of the best alternatives to traditional bone surgery in cases of serious maxillary atrophy.

Titanium implants are anchored in the bones of the cheekbone to ensure that the prosthetic teeth of the upper arch have a stable support. In this way, immediate rehabilitation can be achieved in a single surgical procedure.

Warranty and Security

Sanident offers a lifetime international guarantee on dental implantology and zygomatic implantology.
From 2 to 5 years warranty on fillings, reconstructions, endodontics, crowns, bridges and complete arches services.