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Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation

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What is conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation is a moderate sedation technique that induces a state of deep relaxation, reducing anxiety and pain during dental treatment.

This is not general anesthesia: you will remain alert and conscious, but in a condition of pleasant detachment, allowing you to communicate with the dentist and collaborate during the operation.

No more fear or pain

Conscious Sedation

What are the advantages of Conscious Sedation?

  • Reduces anxiety and fear of the dentist: ideal for dental phobic patients or those who have had negative experiences in the past.
  • Eliminates pain: thanks to the analgesic effect of the drugs used.
  • It makes treatments faster and more comfortable: the sensation of extended time makes the experience more pleasant.
  • It allows you to tackle more complex interventions: such as implantology or oral surgery, in a relaxed way.

Who can undergo Conscious Sedation?

This type of treatment is ideal for almost everyone because the patient is brought to a state of greater tranquility, reducing stress and strong emotions.

Conscious sedation is indicated for:

  • Anxious or dentist-phobic patients
  • Patients who have had negative experiences in the past
  • Patients facing complex interventions
  • Children requiring dental care

How is Conscious Sedation performed?

Conscious sedation can be administered in different ways:

  • Intravenous route: through a small needle inserted into a vein in the arm.
  • Inhalation route: through a mask that delivers a mix of oxygen and sedative.
  • Orally: with the administration of drugs in tablets.

The administration method and dosage of the drugs will be established by the dentist based on your needs and the complexity of the procedure.

How does it work?

The first step is the consultation with the anesthetist who, in mutual agreement with the specialist surgeon, decides which type of sedation is most suitable.

Sedation is performed intravenously through a cannula in which the drugs are administered.

During sedation, vital parameters are monitored and, in some cases, the drugs are associated with the inhalation of nitrous oxide, which combined with oxygen has no contraindications.

This procedure puts the patient into a state of drowsiness, inhibiting the perception of time and pain.

The only recommendation made to the patient is not to immediately start driving.

Thanks to the pharmacological protocol, no particular discomfort is felt even in the days following the operation.

The great advantage of turning to the Sanident Clinics is that of having cutting-edge equipment and a staff of expert doctors capable of following the most modern methodologies.

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