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Black teeth: what they depend on and how they are treated

black teeth dentist milan

The black teeth, for their immediate evidence, represent a big problem for the aesthetics of the smile.

Black teeth: what do they depend on?

Those who have a black tooth problem are often led to think that it can be easily remedied with a DIY whitening product.

Not getting any kind of result, we pass to the hypothesis of a pathology and the first to be taken into consideration is caries. But as happens most of the time, self-diagnostics are almost never true.

What might appear to be just an aesthetic problem, like black teeth, can instead be the consequence of various pathologies.

Black teeth: what causes the darkening of the tooth?

The alteration of the color of the teeth, which can be both grayish and tending to black, can derive from some specific pathologies including:

  • caries;
  • tooth in necrosis;
  • dental trauma.

Black teeth and caries


Teeth can turn black due to caries in an advanced stage due to bacteria that attack, corrode and nest on the tooth enamel. In these cases the alteration of the color of the teeth will not be homogeneous, but darker parts of the color will be evident.

Black teeth and necrosis of the dental pulp

Neglecting a tooth infection for a long time allows bacteria to reach the dental pulp, the innermost part of the tooth itself. A pulp infection of the tooth is called pulpitis. When pulpitis becomes irreversible it leads to the death of the tooth, i.e. necrosis.

A tooth that loses its vitality can turn black.

Black teeth and trauma

black teeth milano dentist children


The color change of the affected teeth may occur following an accident or fall.

A traumatic event involving the dental arches can be the cause of a change in the color of the teeth, a phenomenon particularly frequent in children. If the affected teeth are still part of the deciduous dentition, the problem of black teeth will be solved with the fall of the same and the appearance of permanent dentition.

In adults, if the trauma is mild, the tooth can resume its natural coloring after days or even months.

How can you work on black teeth and solve the problem?

The problem of black teeth is solved without dental therapies only in clinical cases of children with deciduous dentition.

For adults, however, the problem can only be solved with specific dental treatment.

Dental veneers

In cases of caries with the devitalization of the tooth. The dentist cleans the tooth from infection with a root canal treatment and then restores the structure of the tooth by filling it with a biocompatible resin.

In other cases it is instead possible to intervene on the front of the tooth surface by applying dental veneers, a particular cosmetic dentistry treatment. On the part of the tooth where the alteration of the color is evident, the dentist affixes porcelain plates with a thickness of less than 6 mm.

Thanks to the dental veneers, the teeth regain their natural coloring, because in fact the sheets cover the imperfection caused by the darkening of the dental enamel.

Our advice is to always contact a dental center and do not think that the problems of black teeth can be solved with the do-it-yourself.

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