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Gnathology, a new science to improve the quality of life

Jaw that pops

Frequent migraines and headaches? Don’t be alarmed. It could simply be problems that gnathology can solve. But what is it about? Gnathology is a branch of dentistry that studies the physiology, pathology and functions of the jaw.

Also born quite recently, it mainly deals with studying disorders related to bad occlusion and to some incorrect movements of the jaw and the muscular system. Among the most important mandibular functions dealt with by gnathology are chewing, swallowing, phonatory and postural functions. This branch of dentistry deals with the study and treatment of pathologies that form in the joints of the mouth. A complete gnathological study could really solve many problems that individuals, more often than not, don’t even know they have, but which could create a lot of headaches in the near future.

Gnathology, here are the problems to avoid

pain in the trigeminal nerve

All the movements of the mouth are at the basis of gnathology, especially those relating to eating and speaking. Our oral cavity is mainly divided into two parts: the jaw, the fixed upper part; the mandible, mobile and inferior part. All of us, every day, perform simple but fundamental functions. Swallowing and chewing, while eating or just talking, for example. Functions that are controlled and guided by masticatory muscles such as the jaw and jaw. If we were to suffer from TMJ dysfunction (temporomandibular joint acronym) we would be at risk of numerous problems and annoyances that would greatly worsen the quality of our lives. For these reasons, gnathology enters the field and can prevent these problems, dealing with the study and treatment of pathologies affecting the joints of the mouth. Among these we find:

  • Difficulty opening and closing the mouth;
  • Headache;
  • Insomnia;
  • Pain in the face and neck;
  • Headache and occlusion;
  • Tinnitus;
  • Jaw pains;
  • Facial or neck pain;
  • Dizziness or a sense of instability;
  • Postural problems;
  • Jaw lock.

That’s why to visit a specialist

pulp capping of the tooth

A gnathological visit, however, could prevent or solve these disorders. Gnathology, through specific investigations, such as digital x-rays, electromyographic examination, joint assembly of plaster models, face bow, stabilometric examination with platform, can intervene in time to solve these problems. A professional, through the patient’s clinical history, may be able to identify the complexities that have arisen over time in chronological order, thus tracing a correct clinical picture. This visit must be carried out by a specialist in gnathology who, at the end of the check-up, will be able to understand whether the ailments accused by the patient can be related to a malocclusion problem, i.e. an abnormal relationship between the teeth of the jaw and those of the mandible.

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