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Lifetime warranty on all our systems 

Quality of materials

The best levels of primary stability and perfect, early osseointegration.

Quality systems

As in all sectors, even for dental implants there are two opposite poles: low cost implants and premium price ones.

Sanident has chosen to offer its patients the guarantee of a result that lasts over time by selecting the best dental implants: Aiser, Straumann, Nobel and Dentsply.

Our clinics provide the patient with a lifetime guarantee on the implants.

Being able to count on a wide availability of implants is synonymous with guarantee and reliability for the patient.

For bone regeneration we rely exclusively on the highest quality materials from Geistlich Pharma AG and Straumann, both Swiss companies that are world leaders in the sector.

Highest quality materials

Quality, guarantee and reliability

There are differences in the quality of the materials that make up the implants and in the technology used by implant companies for their design, construction and above all in the characteristics of the scientific tests carried out for marketing.

It is very important to get advice from the implantologist on the characteristics of each model and also talk about the structures that will be placed on the implant for rehabilitation in order to have a clear picture of the possibility of replacing the prostheses over time.

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