The technology of the instruments and materials used, the research and training, the sterilization process in Sanident are at the top of the sector.

Radiology and imaging diagnostics

At the service of Sanident specialists and dentists for the formulation of precise and documented diagnoses
Latest generation radiographic and digital diagnostic equipment:

  • Ultrasonography and echocolordoppler with latest generation Esaote MyLab™ 30 and 50 Gold Family equipment

MyLab™ 30 and 50 Gold Family

MyLab 50 Gold

MyLab™ 50 Gold is a versatile ultrasound system that offers high-end performance along with easy transportability, elements necessary to provide the highest levels of patient care in the most demanding clinical environments.

MyLab50 Family – Carotid-Artery

MyLab™ 50 Gold Family, the new family of ultrasound scanners from the revolutionary MyLab™ world, offers excellent performance in various ultrasound applications.

The modular ultrasound configuration architecture of the MyLab ™ 50 Gold Family makes them adaptable to a wide variety of clinical applications, both for general imaging and for cardiovascular configurations for adults and children, such as cardiology, vascular for major and peripheral vessels , internistica, small parts, breast examination, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, musculoskeletal, etc.

Multi-frequency transducers, extreme sensitivity and an extremely intuitive user interface allow better diagnostics even on particularly difficult clinical cases.

  • Three-dimensional examination of the dental arches with 3D volumetric imaging system Cone Beam offers a complete view of all oral and maxillofacial structures and, therefore, the most reliable diagnostic data for a wide range of fields of application. The result is more precise treatment planning and better prediction of the therapeutic outcome. (Tac Cone Beam 3D (GENDEX U.S.A.).

The cone beam system (Cone Beam) produces high resolution three-dimensional radiographic images with significantly lower radiation exposure than traditional computed tomography.

  • Orthopantomographs, intraoral radiographs (DE GOTSEN Germany), teleradiographies, intraoral chambers) Cephalographs, Latero-Lateral and Antero-Posterior, Radiographic and GENDEX software (United States)
  • Computer Guided Surgery (ANATOMAGE United States)

Internal surgical room

The presence of a surgical room dedicated to implantology and oral regenerative surgery with KLS MARTIN MEDIZINTECHNIK equipment (Germany, United States), RIMSA (Italy) where it is also possible to make use of conscious sedation or anxiolysis thanks to the presence of anesthesiology and resuscitation specialists is a guarantee of success with a percentage close to 100% for all interventions performed by the Sanident implantology team.

State-of-the-art digital equipment

The DIAGNOcam of KAVO (Germany) brand new and innovative intraoral laser camera that allows to accurately diagnose caries present in the teeth even those hidden between tooth and tooth all with extreme comfort for the patient and without the use of X-rays.

The PRIMESCAN by Dentsply (United States) An intraoral scanner that allows you to take the most precise impressions of the dental arches that have never been made and to transform the flow of images into a three-dimensional file subsequently used by the specialized technicians of the Sanident dedicated laboratory for the construction of the patient’s prosthesis on measure.

The x-ray free diagnostic alternative

Based on the final clinical results of the LMU Munich the diagnostic accuracy of approximal lesions with DIAGNOcam is similar to x-ray – but with no radiation exposure! Profit from the experience of the head of the study, Associate Professor Dr. Jan Kühnisch, in our first “Research Live” online seminar: “The new X-ray free DIAGNOcam for caries detection, diagnosis and monitoring. First in vivo results and practical considerations for dental professionals”

The comfortable seats of the STERN WEBER (Switzerland) dental units equipped with high resolution monitor where with the help of specials Intraoral cameras from GENDEX (United States) patients can see their X-rays and digital photos in real time with the dentist, obtaining an immediate precise screening on the state of health of the oral cavity. The 3D PROGRESS digital Intraoral scanners for the detection of precision impressions on the dental arches and i Artica CAD-CAM systems from KAVO DENTAL GMBH (Germany) and VHF (Germany) that allow the digitalisation in real time of the impressions detected by dental scanners and the realization of the rehabilitation project with delivery of dental prostheses even in a single session using only the highest quality materials (Pure ceramics, disilicate and zirconium, all produced in Germany and with CE marking

Constant search for quality and certified guarantee

Constant research in choosing the best suppliers and products worldwide to guarantee patients the highest certified quality.
Sanident selects the products used in the treatment of its patients from leading industries in Europe and worldwide. These companies have distinguished themselves over the years for their constant commitment in scientific research, for the high certified quality of components and production processes (leading hospitals and European clinics of excellence and the major universities with an international vocation insert these products into the their protocols both for use in patient care and for teaching dental specializations).
The guarantee given over the years and the after-sales service of these technological jewels are at the highest levels.

Partnership with leading European and American companies and related products used in Sanident

  • For implantology (always performed in the surgical room dedicated to the best of sterile components) only implants are used: AISER (Switzerland international guarantee Vitalizia with personal UTD certificate), NOBEL BIOCARE (Titanium Implant System applied to the ALL ON 4 technique – Sweden Vitalizia international guarantee with personal card), DENTSPLY Ankilos, Astra and Xive (United States Implant Systems with International Life Guarantee and personal certificate), STRAUMANN (Switzerland Vitalizia international guarantee with personal certificate). In Sanident implantology, patients obtain a personal international guarantee certificate with the exact indication of the components used and the related technical data.
  • For bone regenerative surgery and maxillary sinus lifts, biomaterials from GEISTLICH PHARMA AG (Switzerland’s international guarantee from the world number one for the research and production of regenerative biocompatible materials) are applied
  • The products of the EDELWEISS DENTISTRY (Austria product certification and clinical tests by dental aesthetic specialists of world-renowned professors of the University of Geneva) are used for the aesthetic aesthetics
  • For Orthodontics: 3M (United States – fixed and lingual orthodontics) and INVISALIGN (Align Technology United States – transparent removable orthodontics)
  • For endodontics: DENTSPLY RECIPROC systems (United States – single-use certified files)
  • The products distributed by HENRY SCHEIN KRUGG and REVELLO spa (number one for quality assurance and assortment of supplied products) are used for the preservation and for all disposable consumables

Classroom Courses, Live Surgery and Sanident Training

  • In the modern internal training room, connected directly with the surgical room, important training activities are organized, including the specialized days of high implant surgery for the benefit of both internal staff and dentists from all over Italy and Switzerland.
  • Sanident provides an internal training service for the chair assistant profile in collaboration with specialist vocational schools recognized by the Lombardy Region

Sterilization and sanitation

The technology applied to the procedures of sterilization and elimination of pathogens is the flagship in Sanident.
For all the treatments and treatments of patients, Sanident makes extensive use of single-use tools and equipment (even single-use turbines are present). Every day, every work shift, and before each treatment, all instruments and surfaces are disinfected and sterilized with reference to strict internal protocols and certified verification procedures. For the care of teeth in patients with infectious diseases, a specific safety and sterilization protocol is activated which guarantees complete serenity during and after treatments to the patients themselves, to the doctors, to the operators.

The sterilization of the instruments is carried out thanks to the use of specific machines that emit ultrasounds and with the use of saturated steam autoclaves. These devices are programmed according to the requirements set by the European Standardization Committee (C.E.N.) and are equipped with digital control devices
At each sterilization cycle, the verification processor, present in each machine, controls the essential factors that ensure sterilization and sends the data to the process evaluation system. The generated file is recorded and stored on the Sanident server where it is always available for any control. For each sterilized instrument a label is produced and placed on the packaging indicating: the sterilization date, the machine used for the process, the type of cycle used for sterilization, the expiry date and the name of the operator / human operator who started, supervised and then checked the results obtained at the end of the sterilization cycle.
In addition to reading the report, the guarantee of the successful process is also given by the presence, on all the packaging of the instruments, of a chemical indicator that turns to color, obtaining confirmation that the process has taken place correctly.

Biological tests

Specific tests are scheduled and carried out regularly on the functioning of the single equipment but not only, in Sanident laboratory tests are conducted in-house on bacterial cultures in vitro to obtain the absolute guarantee of the elimination of all pathogens.

These are all technological and operational constants applied in the Sanident quality research, training and maintenance process.

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