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Radiology and imaging diagnostics

The technology of the instruments, the materials used, the research, the training and the sterilization process at Sanident are at the pinnacle of the sector.

Sanident specialists are equipped with the most precise tools for formulating diagnoses (latest generation radiographic and digital diagnostics).

Internal surgical room

Internal surgical room

The presence of the Surgery Room dedicated to implantology and regenerative oral surgery is a guarantee of success with a percentage close to 100% for all operations performed by the Sanident team of implantologists.

The surgical rooms are equipped with equipment from KLS MARTIN MEDIZINTECHNIK (Germany, United States), RIMSA (Italy) and make use of conscious sedation thanks to the presence of anesthesiology and resuscitation specialists.


State-of-the-art digital equipment

Dentsply’s PRIMESCAN is the intraoral scanner that allows you to take the most precise impressions of the dental arches ever made and transform the flow of images into a three-dimensional file subsequently used by the laboratory’s specialized technicians for the creation of tailor-made prostheses.

KaVo DIAGNOcam is a compact and mobile cavity detection device that uses DIFOTI (digital fiber optic transillumination) technology to illuminate the tooth, helping to diagnose carious lesions and track down any cracks. An intraoral laser camera that allows you to accurately diagnose cavities present in the teeth, even those hidden between teeth, all with extreme comfort for the patient and without the use of X-rays.

Sterilization and sanitation

The technology applied to sterilization and pathogen elimination procedures is the flagship of Sanident.

For all patient care and treatments, Sanident makes extensive use of disposable instruments and tools, even turbines.

Every day, every work shift, and before each treatment, all instruments and surfaces are disinfected and sterilized following strict internal protocols and certified verification procedures.

The sterilization of instruments is carried out thanks to the use of specific machines that emit ultrasound and with the use of saturated steam autoclaves.

These equipment are programmed according to the requirements imposed by the European Committee for Standardization (C.E.N.) and are equipped with digitally controlled devices.

At each sterilization cycle, the verification processor, present in each machine, checks the essential factors that ensure sterilization and sends the data to the process evaluation system.

The generated file is recorded and stored on the Sanident server where it is always available for any control.

For each sterilized instrument, a label is produced and placed on the package which indicates: the sterilization date, the machine used for the process, the type of cycle used for sterilization, the expiry date and the name of the operator/ human operator who started, supervised and then checked the results obtained at the end of the sterilization cycle.

In addition to reading the report, the guarantee that the process has taken place is also given by the presence, on all instrument packages, of a chemical indicator that changes color, obtaining confirmation that the process occurred correctly.

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