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Pediatric dentistry: what treatments for children

When we talk about pediatric dentistry we refer to that branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention and therapy of diseases of the oral cavity in the developmental age stages.

Many parents neglect their children’s dental health because there is a false belief that it is useless to treat teeth that are destined to fall out.

Pediatric dentistry has both therapeutic and preventive purposes such as:

  • caries prevention
  • caries therapy caused by the proliferation of Streptococcus mutans as a consequence of the frequent and prolonged intake of sugars
  • conservative therapy of deciduous elements (milk teeth)
  • early diagnosis and erosion of deciduous and permanent teeth according to the presence of other pathologies: gastroesophageal reflux, eating disorders …
  • therapies following traumatic events
  • early diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases caused by: breathing problems, prolonged sucking, swallowing problems
  • extraction of supernumerary teeth

Pediatric dentistry and multidisciplinary approach

A good pediatrician, when you notice the presence of oral cavity problems, should always advise parents to have the child undergo a specialist pediatric dentistry visit.

Oral changes during the raising a child are multiple, just think of the phase of tooth loss and the eruption of permanent teeth that occurs over a period of time from 6 to 14 years: in the absence of a multidisciplinary approach it is difficult to identify any pathologies of the oral cavity, also due to a difficulty of the child to report any symptoms.

Close collaboration between pediatrician, pediatric dentist, orthodontist and dental hygienist is the only way to guarantee the child’s well-being and oral health.

Timely diagnoses are crucial for effective therapies. Clearly it would be preferable not to wait for the diagnosis of a pathology of the oral cavity for a checkup visit by a pediatric dentist.

pediatric dentistryThe first dental examination should take place within the fifth year of life, therefore regardless of the presence or absence of particular pathologies.

During the first visit, the pediatric dentist will evaluate the overall state of health of the child’s mouth: gums, oral mucous membranes, any deciduous teeth and their correct positioning, temporomandibular joint, dental occlusion.

The pediatric dentist can also provide parents with specific indications for correct daily oral hygiene. For example, a fluorine-based toothpaste is particularly suitable for cleaning children’s teeth, the presence of adequate concentrations of fluorine in the oral cavity significantly reduces the risk of caries, reinforcing the structure of the enamel and promoting its remineralization.

However, tooth brushing must always be supervised by an adult, especially in the toothpaste dosage phase, an excess of fluorine could favor the onset of fluorosis.

As with adults, children also need adequate skills for their health. A pediatric dentist has a specific professional and clinical preparation, which allows him to treat even very small children. An excellent dental center like ours, can also guarantee the multidisciplinary approach necessary to diagnose any pathologies in time and follow the young patients at every stage of intervention therapy.

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