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What is immediate loading implantology

In the past, the procedure to get fixed teeth thanks to implants was much longer and required several sessions.

Later, new scientific research and new methodologies have made this process easier, safer and, above all, faster.

If previously we talked about deferred loading given that the prosthesis was positioned (loaded) 3/6 months later, i.e. when the bone integration of the implant (osteointegration) was complete, now we talk about immediate loading with the loading of the prosthesis which generally happens within a day.

Immediate loading implantology

Why undertake Immediate Loading Implantology surgery


A dental implant is a titanium screw which has the task of replacing the root of the tooth and which, once anchored to the bone, acts as a support for the capsule or for the prosthesis of an entire arch.

Thanks to implantology, the gap left by missing teeth is compensated for by brand new teeth so similar to natural ones that it will be difficult to find the differences.

With immediate loading implantology, the prosthesis is loaded within one day of surgery.

Immediate loading implants


Product research and innovation by dental implant manufacturing companies together with computer-guided implantology have made it possible to obtain accurate analyzes of the patient’s anatomy and to plan the intervention with extreme care.

In fact, before placing an implant, the dentist knows perfectly what the patient’s starting situation is.

It is thought that the most common risk is the “rejection” of a dental implant but this idea, in addition to being wrong, constitutes only a fear of the patient which has no scientific basis: dental implants are made of titanium, a biocompatible material that the body does not perceive as foreign and there is therefore no risk of rejection.

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Curiosities: Scientific research, product and technology evolution

To dispel any initial, and perhaps normal, doubts, it should be noted that numerous research has led to this new methodology, immediate loading, with the possibility of having timely results and fixed teeth in a short time.

Studies and research are carried out by prestigious centers and universities.

The transition from deferred loading to immediate loading was marked by gradual evolutions in dentistry and implantology which have allowed us to have, today, increasingly precise results and the availability of cutting-edge techniques.

If in the past a few months passed before applying loads to the implant to avoid fractures and not compromise bone integration, today the loading times for an implant have been significantly reduced and this thanks to the construction of new implants that facilitate osseointegration: rough surfaces, spiral shapes that guarantee good sealing of the implant.

In addition to research and product innovation by dental implant manufacturing companies, computer-guided implantology has also made it possible to obtain accurate analyzes of the patient’s anatomy and to plan the intervention with extreme care.

Before placing an implant, in fact, it is possible to know well what the patient’s starting situation is. Sanident dental implants are of the highest quality and have a lifetime international guarantee: Aiser (Switzerland), Straumann (Switzerland), Nobel Biocare (Sweden), Dentsply Implants, Astra Tech, Xive (United States). Furthermore, our studies make use of cutting-edge technologies such as Tac Cone Beam and CAD/CAM systems.

Warranty and Security

Sanident offers a lifetime international guarantee on dental implantology and zygomatic implantology.
From 2 to 5 years warranty on fillings, reconstructions, endodontics, crowns, bridges and complete arches services.