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Hygienic standards in dental centers: Italian primacy

hygiene rules

To be sure that in a dental center all the hygienic and sanitary norms are respected is for the patients a guarantee of protection of their own health even if sometimes it is taken for granted that there is no risk related to the sterility of the environments and of the equipment.

When choosing a dental center for the dental care often underestimates the issue related to health and hygiene standards, that is all those cleaning practices, sterilization of instruments, disinfection of work environments that guarantee the possibility of operating in a healthy environment without complications for the health of the patient.

In Italy the sanitary regulations are not at the discretion of the individual dental centers, in fact there are very strict regulations on this and not present in other European countries. However, the certificates presented in a medical office are not always synonymous with accuracy in compliance with the procedures necessary to operate in a sterilized and safe environment.

Hygienic standards which are the procedures

The evidence of compliance with health and hygiene standards emerges from a series of procedures, some of which can be noted and evaluated by the same patient.

When you are sitting in the dentist’s chair, pay attention to these small actions that seem obvious, but they are part of the set of procedures that guarantee maximum safety to the patient:

  • the dentist opens the envelopes with sterilized disposable instruments;
  • the instruments are positioned on special trays;
  • the disposable material is trashed in special bins;
  • the team wears gowns, gloves and a mask during the surgery.

For surgical operations where bleeding is likely to occur, appropriate single-use towels will be used.

hygiene rules

All the surfaces with which the dentist comes into contact are made of materials that can be easily disinfected with special solutions that are not toxic to the patient.

Sterilized instruments

One of the main investments in a dental center is the purchase of useful equipment to guarantee quality and safety for the patient. From diagnostic tools to those for compliance with hygiene standards such as special sterilization equipment.


Milan hygienic dentist standards


Handpieces, turbines, pliers, mirrors are the tools of a dentist’s trade and are always in direct contact with the patient’s mouth. The sterilization of these instruments serves precisely to eliminate all the possible bacteria present.

The procedure is very strict and includes:

  • decontamination of instruments with specific chemical solutions;
  • rinsing and drying;
  • bagging and sealing;
  • sterilization in the appropriate machines.

The sterilization equipment must be periodically revised to always guarantee total patient safety.

Some bacteria are very resistant and the apparent cleanliness of the instruments is no guarantee of sterility.

What is the risk with non-compliance with hygiene rules?

In Italy, fortunately, health and hygiene protocols and related legislation are a real guarantee for the patient. In some foreign countries, on the other hand, where there are no strict controls, failure to comply with health and hygiene regulations can give rise to various complications.

A cross infection could occur that occurs when an infectious disease, from the most mild to the most severe, is transmitted from patient to patient or from patient to doctor. In this case, in addition to the health protocol, it is good to also have an ethical conscience on the part of the patient and therefore to declare any infectious pathologies from which he is affected before facing any type of dental intervention.

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