tubes of recyclable toothpaste

Toothpaste tubes: a step towards environmental sustainability

An indispensable element for our oral health is toothpaste, in the space of a year we consume and throw away many tubes of toothpaste which, to date, are packaged with non-recyclable material.

However, the majority of the world population is very sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability and reducing the impact on the environment of toothpaste tubes, worldwide, would be an important goal for the health of the planet.

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Psoriasis and periodontitis: common risk factors

Psoriasis is a disease that affects the dermis and epidermis, it is a chronic inflammatory multisystemic disease and affects a percentage of the population between 1 and 3%. Read more

anticoagulant therapy

I am on anticoagulant therapy, can I face oral surgery?

Responding to the doubts and questions of patients is one of our daily activities, today we share with you the perplexity of a patient on anticoagulant therapy on the possibility or not of undergoing an oral surgery. Read more

milan implantologist

Implantologist, dentistry, dental hygienist: what do they do?

Implantologist is synonymous with dentist? Is the dental hygienist a dentist? Does the dental technician have a medical degree? There are so many doubts about the professional figures in the dental field, how can we understand which specialist we really need? Read more

zirconium prosthesis

Zirconium prosthesis for implantology: advantages

Zirconium prostheses are considered an element of excellence in the field of implant surgery, especially in the case of single elements or in any case in the presence of adjacent natural teeth. Often the presence of zirconium prostheses raises the price of preventive for implantology, but the advantages for the patient can be manifold. Read more

oral surgery intervention times

Oral surgery: because the operations are performed in the morning

In planning an oral surgery, such as tooth extraction, you will have noticed that the dentist is always oriented to fix the operation in the morning. The choice is not linked to the needs of the dentist or to his agenda, it is indeed a scientific motivation. Read more

milan dentist anxiety

Dentist anxiety: music helps fight it

Dentist anxiety spares no one, according to the latest data in the scientific literature affects about 20% of dental patients and about 40% of pediatric dentistry patients. Read more

autoimmune diseases dentistry

Autoimmune diseases: Sjögren’s syndrome

Among the autoimmune diseases that can have a direct consequence also on the oral cavity, there is the Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune inflammatory disease.

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Osteoporosis: can it be the cause of implant failure?

Osteoporosis is the disease characterized by a low density of bone tissues. Those suffering from osteoporosis therefore have a particular bone fragility that makes them particularly vulnerable to fractures. Read more

Chewing well is important for health

“Chew well” is one of those recommendations that brings back to childhood and first dentition, yet chewing well is also important for adults and protects the health of the entire organism. Read more