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Periodontitis: an infection to avoid! How much do you know about it?

periodontitis, plaque and tartar

Periodontitis or pyorrhea is an infection which, if neglected, causes irreversible damage. Bacteria, during meals, can attach to our teeth as a result the only more appropriate choice is to brush our teeth immediately after meals, in order to avoid any gum inflammation.

Success factors of immediate loading implantology

implantology in 24 hours

Immediate loading implantology has been a great achievement in the field of dental medicine. This conquest has allowed many patients to regain their smile and regenerate their dental health in a very short time. As we have already seen, there are different methodologies based on scientific studies that treat different cases and different patient needs. […]

Periodontitis, an underestimated problem. How to recognize it and what to eat

Genetic predisposition to periodontitis

Also known as pyorrhea, periodontitis is a disease that affects the gums. Going more specifically, it is actually an infection that affects all the tissues that support the teeth such as the gums, alveolar bone, tooth root cementum and the periodontal ligament. Periodontitis has always been a pathology that has created various inconveniences, but […]

Healthy teeth. Prevention is the best cure, eliminating bad habits

Smoking and dental health

It’s pretty clear by now. The first step in trying to have an acceptable quality of life is to try to have healthy teeth. Our oral hygiene is essential and should not be underestimated in any way. Suffering from toothache, having pathologies or problems deriving from our dental health can often be the cause (and […]

Summer, bad habits that can damage our teeth

incappucciamento della polpa del dente

Summer, as we know, is a season different from all the others. Especially when you go on vacation, in fact, you tend to change your daily habits and practice completely different lifestyles than usual. We tend to protect our skin from the sun, especially so we go to the beach, to lose a few […]

Summer, here’s how to take care of your teeth on vacation

Finally here we are. August has arrived, the highlight of the summer has arrived. Many of you are already on vacation, others will go soon, others have already finished them and returned to the hard life of every day. The fact is that there is one thing you must never forget, even when your head […]

Toothpaste tubes: a step towards environmental sustainability

tubes of recyclable toothpaste

An indispensable element for our oral health is toothpaste, in the space of a year we consume and throw away many tubes of toothpaste which, to date, are packaged with non-recyclable material. However, the majority of the world population is very sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability and reducing the impact on the environment […]

Implantologist, dentistry, dental hygienist: what do they do?

milan implantologist

Implantologist is synonymous with dentist? Is the dental hygienist a dentist? Does the dental technician have a medical degree? There are so many doubts about the professional figures in the dental field, how can we understand which specialist we really need?