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Summer, here’s how to take care of your teeth on vacation

Finally here we are. August has arrived, the highlight of the summer has arrived. Many of you are already on vacation, others will go soon, others have already finished them and returned to the hard life of every day. The fact is that there is one thing you must never forget, even when your head is clearer: taking care of your teeth and your smile. Here, but how to do it correctly when you’re on vacation?

The tendency to pay less attention to our dental health on vacation

When we abandon the routine and try to unplug for a few weeks (for those who can do it of course) from the hectic everyday life, we tend to neglect every aspect of daily life and not be attentive or always on the spot. A little well-deserved relaxation is what we are looking for and it is the only thing we give importance to. It happens, therefore, even for the most obsessive of us, to pay less attention, for example, to the health of our teeth and our smile. On vacation we tend to eat out often, to ingest sugar away from meals and it is not always possible to carry all the tools for proper cleaning of the teeth.

Summer: 5 useful tips to take care of our teeth on vacation

Mind you. Being less attentive or less maniacal about our dental cleaning and the health of our mouth on vacation, it can be. Woe, however, to completely neglect this aspect and to let ourselves go, without paying the slightest attention to it. Some old aches and pains that have been dormant for some time could awaken and decide to make us pay in those days, ruining our holidays. Here, then, is a brief guide, 5 useful tips to try and take the best care of our teeth even on vacation.

  • Oral cleaning doesn’t go on vacation. Our best allies to pay attention to our oral health remain toothbrush and toothpaste. When, and if it is possible, therefore, use them after each meal;
  • It is not always possible to brush your teeth. Quando non potete, masticate un chewing-gum senza zucchero. It will help you keep your mouth clean, increasing salivation and eliminating food residues;
  • If, as often happens on vacation, you’re out hiking or sightseeing, but you don’t have the opportunity to brush your teeth and you don’t have sugar-free chewing gum, use tooth-friendly foods. In fact, between one dip in the sea and another or between a museum and/or a church to visit, it will happen that you are hungry and need to eat something on the go. Here, do it but without overdoing it, using foods that are able to keep the mouth clean;
  • Even if it won’t be easy and relaxation also consists in eating something more fanciful and/or tasty, try not to consume or at least limit the use of snacks, too sugary candies, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, especially between meals;
  • Always carry an emergency kit with you with your luggage: antibiotics and painkillers must never be missing. In case of sudden and severe toothaches, especially if you are in foreign countries where it is more difficult to explain the extent of the problem and find the right medicine, it is advisable to have everything you need with you.

Before leaving (or at least when you return) it is better to book a visit

replant a fallen tooth

After these tips, which we hope will be useful for taking care of your oral health even on vacation, we remind you that it is always better to have a talk with a specialist who will have the ideal solution to all your doubts and questions about it. Before leaving, especially for children who by nature tend to care less about the health of their teeth, it is advisable to book a visit with your trusted dentist. In our Sanident dental center in via Settembrini, 6, in Milan, we care about your oral health and our specialists will be able to give you the right tips to let you spend a relaxing holiday without further headaches caused by your teeth. Thus, how important it would be to have a consultation with a specialist when returning from vacation. In this case you can check the general condition of your mouth and, when necessary, perform a complete oral hygiene.

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