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Success factors of immediate loading implantology

implantology in 24 hours

Immediate loading implantology has been a great achievement in the field of dental medicine. This conquest has allowed many patients to regain their smile and regenerate their dental health in a very short time. As we have already seen, there are different methodologies based on scientific studies that treat different cases and different patient needs. How did we get to this step forward? What are the success factors of immediate loading?

Immediate loading implantology. The origins

Exactly twenty years after the intuitions of Professor Branemark, the research of the Portuguese dentist Malò and the studies of important researchers in the sector followed one another. These researches have shown that in certain circumstances, it is not necessary to wait for osseointegration to be able to apply the fixed prosthesis: this occurs when there is good quality and quantity of bone, and for this reason it is necessary to rely on expert surgeons.

From Doctor Malò to success factors

dental therapies

Immediate loading implantology is an innovative technique that reduces time, but also costs. A revolution that has made giant strides in the dental world. Great credit in this epochal change goes to the Portuguese dentist Paulo Malò who cleared the All on 4 immediate loading technique. A revolutionary procedure that transforms totally edentulous patients into happy men and/or women who smile again. It was Nobel Biocare, thanks to Malò’s description, that registered the All on 4 trademark in 2003 and successfully applied it in thousands of cases all over the world.

Immediate loading implantology is possible with the same success rates as deferred loading thanks to:

  • Professors and experts who have deepened their studies in dental implantology worldwide;
  • Careful planning of the intervention given by diagnostic hardware and software;
  • A reduction in errors and times for the creation of prostheses given by 3D printers and advanced machinery.

Immediate loading vs deferred loading: advantages and differences

deferred loading implantology

In the field of implantology, each patient needs a plan of care and a specific treatment in line with his clinical picture. Each context deserves a separate chapter and no case can ever be similar to the previous one. Having said this, it should be specified that in centers specialized in implantology the immediate loading technique, where possible, is preferred to the deferred loading technique.

The deferred loading procedure is outdated in centers specialized in advanced implantology precisely because it requires:

  • A longer time. Sometimes it is necessary to wait up to a year to complete the treatment;
  • More invasive. You have up to three different surgeries;
  • More discomfort and stress. More sessions at the dentist are required which often involve frequent anesthesia, discomfort and psychophysical stress for the patient.

A few months are expected when the patient’s clinical picture is very delicate. In our Sanident center in Milan, in via Settembrini, 6, we treat almost 90% of patients who need to rehabilitate an entire arch with immediate loading. Come and visit us and book a first visit without obligation.

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