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Summer, bad habits that can damage our teeth

incappucciamento della polpa del dente

Summer, as we know, is a season different from all the others. Especially when you go on vacation, in fact, you tend to change your daily habits and practice completely different lifestyles than usual. We tend to protect our skin from the sun, especially so we go to the beach, to lose a few pounds to pass the swimsuit test, but at the same time we also neglect our dental health a little. What are the mistakes to avoid in this regard?

Difficulties in taking care of your teeth during the summer and holidays

By completely or partially changing our lifestyle in the summer, especially if you are on vacation, it happens that we are not entirely attentive to the care of our teeth. The long days spent at the beach, the tourist boat trips out of town, the endless visits to new cities and towns, often even abroad. Here, all very common experiences in the summer period, but all situations that certainly don’t help us take better care of our oral health. We have already covered the topic of what you should do to try to take care of your teeth even on vacation, giving you five useful tips to help you do it. Now, however, we want to focus on bad habits that can worsen the state of our teeth and that in the long run could even damage them irreparably. There are, in fact, common mistakes that we make and that we should try to avoid, at least in part.

Summer: the 3 bad habits that can damage our teeth

Pause, relaxation, unplugging after a year of work. These are the only things you think about (or rather you don’t think about) in the summer, trying, for those who can, to enjoy your holidays to the fullest and rest without too many worries on your mind. This leads us to be lighter in every situation of everyday life and, even for the most obsessive about it, to neglect our oral health. Being away from home and from our trusted dentist doesn’t help us take better care of our teeth. So, in these cases, if it is really impossible for us not to neglect these aspects, we should at least try not to make the situation worse, avoiding irreparably damaging our teeth. Unfortunately, there are some bad summer habits that can compromise our oral health.

  • Don’t care about cleaning your teeth. If we are at the seaside, in the mountains, around cities of art, as mentioned, it is not always possible to take a toothbrush and toothpaste with you and brush your teeth after meals. In these cases it would be advisable to eat tooth-friendly foods, such as raw carrots or apples; chew sugar-free chewing gum and drink plenty of water;
  • Don’t drink too many sugary drinks. In the summer we need to drink more, but too often, especially outside the home, we resort to fruit juices, energizing or sugary drinks, alcohol to quench our thirst. Well, if you really can’t do without it, you should at least avoid its abuse. Be careful not to overdo it, therefore, it is precisely these drinks that cause cavities and ruin the dental enamel;
  • Don’t chew ice. It often happens in the summer to indulge in cocktails or drinks with ice. Many people, especially but not only children, have the bad habit of playing with cubes, trying to chew them. Sometimes we underestimate, however, how dangerous this is for the dental health of each of us. In fact, ice exerts pressure on the teeth and wears out and damages the enamel.

Avoid the risk of turning your holiday into hell? Book a visit

In the summer, unfortunately, precisely for the reasons and habits we told you about above, dental problems tend to increase. Cavities, abscesses, gingival inflammation: they are all contraindications that can worsen the situation of our mouth during this period of the year. Sometimes, unfortunately, the classic inconvenience that can ruin the holidays can even take over. A tooth that falls out, inflammation, severe pain and relaxation is no longer there, a heavenly place turns into hell and you would like to take the first plane to run to your trusted dentist. For this reason, together with your luggage, you should always carry an emergency kit containing antibiotics and painkillers to cover any eventuality. In any case, before leaving, also to have the right tips on how to better face the trip and the holidays, it is advisable to book a visit with your trusted dentist. In our Sanident dental center in via Settembrini, 6, in Milan, we care about your oral health and our specialists will be able to advise you in the best way and help you keep your smile at all times.

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