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Psoriasis and periodontitis: common risk factors


Psoriasis is a disease that affects the dermis and epidermis, it is a chronic inflammatory multisystemic disease and affects a percentage of the population between 1 and 3%.

Common factors between psoriasis and periodontitis

periodontitis Psoriasis and periodontitis have common factors, on the one hand the immunopathogenic process and on the other also a whole series of risk factors.

We remember that the periodontitis it is an inflammatory pathology due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque on teeth and gums. Periodontitis affects the periodontal ligament and deteriorates it to cause mobility and tooth drop. With this severe form of periodontitis, 5-10% of patients suffering from the disease, which affects about 50% of the population, must come to terms.

Recent research shows a correlation between the two pathologies:

  • greater thinning of the jaw bone in patients with psoriasis;
  • increased chances of contracting psoriasis in patients with periodontitis.

A control study was carried out to confirm the hypotheses of a correlation.

Research and results

The results of the research and the control study were published in the Journal of Periodontology. The study examined 397 patients with psoriasis and 359 individuals without psoriasis.

The entire sample of patients underwent a complete periodontal test. The data taken into consideration for the analysis were the following:

  • probing depth (PD);
  • clinical attachment level (CAL);psoriasis and periodontitis
  • bleeding on probing (BOP);
  • plaque index (PI).

In addition to clinical data, other data were also recorded: age, sex, weight, quality of oral hygiene, presence of diabetes, pharmacological therapies, smokers, alcohol intake.

Feedback on the link between psoriasis and periodontitis

The results showed that periodontitis can be more likely to occur in psoriasis patients, Gingivitis vs Periodontitisin fact, in about 46% of patients with it, the presence of periodontitis was also detected.

Indeed, the more severe the inflammation of the epidermis is, the greater the presence of periodontitis. In fact, it reaches 47.1% in patients with advanced psoriasis.

On the contrary, at least in this research, the contrary assertion is not valid, namely that subjects suffering from periodontitis are more exposed to the risk of psoriasis.

It can therefore be concluded that there is still a correlation between the two pathologies certainly due to the inflammatory character of both. For this reason, when a mild form of psoriasis is diagnosed, it is also very important to plan dental check-ups to monitor any symptoms of periodontal disease.

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