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Healthy teeth. Prevention is the best cure, eliminating bad habits

Smoking and dental health

It’s pretty clear by now. The first step in trying to have an acceptable quality of life is to try to have healthy teeth. Our oral hygiene is essential and should not be underestimated in any way. Suffering from toothache, having pathologies or problems deriving from our dental health can often be the cause (and not only the consequence) of other discomforts such as stress, anxiety and headaches or neck pain. How can I prevent any future problems? What are the habits to avoid to keep our teeth healthy?

Prevention: the key to keeping teeth healthy

chosen electric toothbrush

Not making the situation of our mouth worse and maintaining good dental health, therefore, is essential to improve the quality of our life, or in any case to keep it acceptable. To have healthy teeth it is not always enough to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain virtuous habits even if they are good starting points. There is actually a word that represents the key and the secret to ward off many problems that could affect our body at any moment and that is prevention. The saying “prevention is better than cure”, in addition to being one of the most used (sometimes abused) in common jargon, however, also represents a great truth that is too often trivialized and underestimated. Following the path of prevention to keep teeth healthy, therefore, we must pay attention to some bad habits that can compromise our dental health. Often, however, it happens that these habits become part of our daily routine. Instead, these bad habits hide very dangerous and unexpected pitfalls that can favor the emergence of very serious and serious problems.

Healthy teeth: 10 bad habits to avoid

lip or tongue piercing

Prevention, therefore, represents the first secret to keeping our teeth healthy. With a view to complete prevention, here is a list of 10 habits to avoid to protect our dental health and continue to show our smile.

  1. Resort to a large amount of coffee and smoke. Two habits and, in some cases, very common vices in most Italians. It is good to know, however, that both smoking and coffee cause yellowed teeth and gum disease.
  2. Anxieties or stress that continue over time. Strong stress can compromise our healthy teeth. Il nostro stato di agitazione si manifesta con il fenomeno del bruxismo, ossia la propensione a digrignare i denti mentre si dorme. This habit tends to consume dental enamel and bring out permanent pain, bad breath and above all diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.
  3. Biting objects. The habit of biting nails or any other object can compromise the structure of the teeth, causing in the worst case chipping and injuries.
  4. Damage from piercings. Among young people who have piercings or dental glitter, this tendency to play with them during the day is increasingly widespread. A normal habit for many, underestimated and of little account, but which can cause wounds to the gums, scratched teeth or even sensitive teeth.
  5. Frequent use of acidic foods and drinks. Carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks, drinks with a high sugar content. Abusing these drinks, full of sugar and/or carbon dioxide, can damage the dental enamel causing premature erosion.
  6. Poor oral hygiene. The first rule to keep our teeth healthy and prevent any problems and diseases is to carry out proper daily oral hygiene. It is advisable to brush your teeth a maximum of three times a day, practically after each meal, and do a thorough cleaning (also through the use of dental floss). For an ideal and effective cleaning it takes two minutes of brushing, the use of dental floss and mouthwash. It is also good to practice the right way of brushing the tongue to prevent bacteria from nesting on the surface of the teeth.
  7. Use a toothbrush for a long time. Some experts advise and suggest buying a new toothbrush every 3 months, as prolonged use of the same may no longer be efficient in removing plaque from teeth and gums. For those suffering from gingivitis or periodontitis it is preferable to use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
  8. Visit the dentist occasionally. It is recommended to go to a specialist several times a year both to avoid oral diseases and to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.
  9. Do-it-yourself teeth whitening. Inevitable on the internet are the products and do-it-yourself remedies to make your teeth more and more “white”. What is not actually said is that these treatments can ruin the dental enamel. The smile you intend to achieve can only be guaranteed by a professional.
  10. Having misaligned teeth resulting in malocclusion. Having teeth well aligned and in their correct position can undoubtedly reduce the risk of causing wear and injury. Furthermore, the correct alignment of the teeth allows for correct dental cleaning, avoiding any onset of caries or periodontitis.


Many, if not all of you probably have recognized yourself in at least one of these bad habits. There are those who combine many of these all together, those who say that sooner or later they will stop, but then they can’t do it and those who, on the other hand, don’t even think about stopping. Well, if you’ve recognized yourself in at least one of these bad habits, especially if you’ve had it for a while and you’re having trouble quitting, but you want to continue to have healthy teeth, it’s not too late yet. In our Sanident clinic in Milan, in via Settembrini, 6, our specialists are always available to give you advice and carry out periodic checks to test your oral health. Come and visit us and book a first visit without obligation.

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