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Toothpaste tubes: a step towards environmental sustainability

tubes of recyclable toothpaste

An indispensable element for our oral health is toothpaste, in the space of a year we consume and throw away many tubes of toothpaste which, to date, are packaged with non-recyclable material.

However, the majority of the world population is very sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability and reducing the impact on the environment of toothpaste tubes, worldwide, would be an important goal for the health of the planet.

The tubes of recyclable toothpaste

chosen electric toothbrush

One of the largest suppliers of toothpaste tubes has just entered into a partnership with one of the European manufacturers of dental paste with the aim of using, starting from July and throughout Europe, tubes of toothpaste in fully recyclable materials.

Soon we will find on the market tubes of toothpaste in recyclable laminates such as:

  • Greenleaf patented laminate;
  • Platina laminate.

Both materials that will be used for the production of toothpaste tubes have passed the recyclability tests established by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), an association based in the United States, and by the European company RecyClass.

All tubes on the market will be recyclable and compatible with recycling processes around the world.

The goal is to be able to recycle one billion tubes of toothpaste by 2025.

Zero impact dental health

To the awareness campaigns for the prevention of oral diseases, there is also the awareness of the use of oral hygiene products that have eco-sustainable raw materials and packaging, without sacrificing their effectiveness.

The project, embraced by the scientific community, is that of a broader “oral care” to improve awareness of the importance of acquiring adequate oral hygiene habits alongside the correct habits on separate collection and recycling of materials.

In addition to the tubes of toothpaste, the project of zero-impact dental hygiene products will soon also involve toothbrush packaging. Starting this year, Sensodyne and Aquafresh branded toothbrushes will be sold without plastic packaging.

Dentistry’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the protection of the planet is reflected in the foundation of the World Dental Federation Sustainability in Dentistry Initiative, committed to conserving resources, reducing waste and creating awareness of environmental issues also in the dental field.

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