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Implantologist, dentistry, dental hygienist: what do they do?

milan implantologist

Implantologist is synonymous with dentist? Is the dental hygienist a dentist? Does the dental technician have a medical degree? There are so many doubts about the professional figures in the dental field, how can we understand which specialist we really need?

For those who do not work in the field of dentistry, all the professionals who work in a dental practice are generically identified as dentists.

In reality there are different types of dental specializations characterized by specific skills, contacting a specialist is undoubtedly the best choice a patient can make to solve his problem with his teeth.

Implantologist or periodontist? Who cares what?

milano implantologistWe happen to listen to tg news about false dentists, this news rightly has a great emphasis on the danger they entail, but having a dental problem and relying on the wrong specialist can have the same consequences.

After graduating in Dentistry a dentist can devote himself to the generic exercise of the profession and not specialize in any branch of dentistry, or continue his studies by choosing a specialization in:

  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Oral surgery
  • Orthodontics

He will also be able to achieve further specializations, thanks to advanced and master courses, namely:

All dentists are doctors enrolled in the Register of Dentists at the Order of Surgeons and Dentists of the province where they work. Since it is a public register that can be consulted, the patient can always check the titles of the doctor to whom he has decided to rely.milano implantologist

Generic dentist

The general dentist deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all oral cavity diseases: teeth and tissues. They perform conservative therapies, root canal therapies, professional hygiene sessions, prescribe drugs, detect dental impressions and, often, dental extraction interventions.


The specialization of an orthodontist is in orthodontics, mainly deals with alignment of teeth, prevents and treats malocclusions with the application of specific orthodontic treatments.


The periodontist is instead specialized in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the periodontium or in any case to the tissues that act as a support for the tooth.


implantologia a carico differitoThe implantologist is specialized in implant surgery, that is, it deals with the insertion of dental implants. An implantologist can also be specialized in immediate loading implant or delayed loading implantology. He is a surgeon, but he mainly performs implant surgery.


The specialization of a gnathologist concerns everything that concerns the temporomandibular system, namely the joints of the mouth and the related diseases. It intervenes when the occlusion, that is the closing of the mouth, is not perfect and causes or could cause joint dysfunctions.

Pediatric or pedodontist dentist

Pediatric dentistry follows the youngest patients for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the development of the oral cavity, deciduous teeth and dental problems in relation to growth.

Perché per sostituire i denti devo necessariamente andare da un implantologo?

The principle that guides the choice of a doctor is the same one that guides every other choice that requires the resolution of a problem. None of us would call a locksmith to fix a leaky faucet.

Specific and sometimes complex clinical cases require adequate skills. An implantologist who performs thousands of implant operations a year has the experience to deal with the problems that may arise during an operation.

Experience and competence represent a safety for patients.

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