Traditional, lingual and invisalign orthodontics

The orthodontics of the Milan dental clinic Sanident makes use of innovative equipment and tools to correct the incorrect positions of the teeth, of children, adolescents and adults sometimes caused by insufficient or excessive development of the jaws.

The job of the orthodontist specialist is fundamental to restore a correct masticatory function and for the aesthetics of the mouth; the orthodontist, or orthodontist, is a particular type of dentist who in addition to the degree continued his studies to specialize in the field of dental devices.

Sanident is much more than a simple one dentist in Milan: in our clinic in via Settembrini in Milan there is a team of six orthodontists, including university professors, with hundreds of cases treated annually, awarded with prestigious international awards, and specialists in Traditional Orthodontics (American orthodontics, 3M), Invisible Orthodontics (Invisalign technique – United States) e Lingual Orthodontics (3M Incognito technique – Germany).

Whether for traditional fixed or removable orthodontics, or for lingual, transparent or removable orthodontics, Sanident uses new conceptional devices that are comfortable and aesthetically impeccable, or even invisible!


A wonderful smile is finally achievable thanks to Sanident Orthodontics

Invisalign Orthodontics


Today, in many cases of orthodontics transparent appliances can be applied. The latter are practically invisible and allow those who wear them a normal conversation and a natural smile. This is the case of an American device called Invisalign and is used by the Sanident Orthodontist Specialist Team certified directly by the American company that makes it Align Technology and from this awarded important awards and recognition for the commitment, the number of patients treated and research in the dental field.

Incognito Orthodontics


Lingual Orthodontics, another technique to carry out invisible therapy consists in the use of fixed devices with a gold structure that are applied to the inner part of the dental arches and for this reason called lingual appliances. Sanident offers Lingual Orthodontic therapies using the Incognito series devices made by the German company 3M. The excellence of the materials used, the CAD / CAM processing with infinite precision and the expert hands of the Sanident Orthodontists offer certainty of result even for the most important cases of dental realignment.