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Dental prostheses are medical devices that allow you to replace lost or compromised natural teeth.

A dental prosthesis is defined as the branch of dentistry that studies and produces fixed or mobile dental prostheses.

Fixed or mobile dental prostheses?

The fixed dental prosthesis is anchored to the elements with cementation and cannot be removed by the patient. It can be limited to a single “crown” element or to several joint elements between them “bridges” has a high level of comfort fully restores the masticatory functions and a renewed aesthetic of the smile.

The term mobile dental prosthesis refers to all prostheses that replace an entire dental arch or parts of it. They are defined as furniture as they can be removed directly from the patient without the intervention of the dentist.

Sanident professionals will be able to advise you on the best solution for your needs, with top-level implantology interventions directly in Milan and Naples.


In this case the root of the missing element is replaced by the Sanident prosthetists through an oral surgery in collaboration with the implant surgery specialists Sanident using one or more titanium implants, covered by an international lifetime warranty, on which the single element is cemented or screwed or more prosthetic elements made today using high quality materials very similar to natural teeth, ceramic and zirconia, disilicates and biomedical materials of last generation free of opaque metals and perfect in aesthetic forms thanks to the use of precise computerized CAD / CAM technique Sanident. For more information on dental implants visit the implantology and regenerative surgery section.

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