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In the past, the procedure to recover fixed teeth thanks to implants was much longer and required several sessions at the dentist. Later, new scientific research and new methodologies have made this process easier, safer and, above all, faster. If before we talked about delayed loading since the prosthesis was positioned (loaded) at a distance of 3/6 months, or when the bone integration of the implant (osseointegration) was complete, now we talk about immediate loading with the prosthesis load which generally occurs within a day.

We often receive questions and comments, mixed with wonder, from people who ask us if “it is really possible to get fixed teeth in 24 hours“. Others are more peremptory: “Impossible! I had to wait 4 months“. On this page we will try to answer these questions and to reassure those who do not believe you can get fixed teeth, like new ones, in such a short time.

Scientific research, product evolution and technologies

To dispel every first, and perhaps normal, doubt, it should be pointed out that numerous researches have led to this new methodology, immediate loading, with the possibility of having timely results and fixed teeth in a short time. Studies and research are carried out by prestigious centers and universities.

Dental implantsThe transition from deferred loading to immediate loading has been marked by gradual changes in dentistry and implantology that have allowed us, today, to have increasingly precise results and the availability of cutting-edge techniques. If in the past they spent a few months before applying loads to the plant to avoid fractures and not compromise bone integration (osseointegration), today the loading times for an implant have been reduced considerably and this thanks to the construction of new systems that facilitate osseointegration: rough surfaces, spiral shapes that guarantee a good seal of the system.

In addition to research and product innovation by dental implant manufacturers, computer-guided implantology has also allowed us implantologists to obtain accurate analysis of the patient’s anatomy and plan the intervention with extreme care. In fact, before placing an implant, a professional dentist will need to know what the starting situation of his patient is.

Sanident dental implants are of the highest quality and enjoy an international lifetime warranty: Aiser (Switzerland), Straumann (Switzerland), Nobel Biocare (Sweden), Dentsply Implants, Astra Tech, Xive (United States). Furthermore, our studios use cutting-edge technologies such as Tac Cone Beam and CAD / CAM systems.


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    Advantages of immediate loading implantology

    Among the advantages certainly more evident is the fact of obtaining immediately visible results: during the day or, in any case, within 72 hours the patient will have new and perfectly functioning teeth, with very low stress on his part in the operative and post-operative phase. The list of advantages is joined by the rapid recovery of masticatory functions: solid food can already be eaten the day after the prosthesis is loaded.

    An expert is required for immediate loading

    Immediate loading is not practiced by all dentists, the reasons are easy to understand: interventions like this cannot be improvised and must be performed by experienced implant dentists. The dental centers where immediate loading is carried out are, in fact, highly specialized centers: they are equipped with equipment, cutting-edge technologies and make use of a complete staff. Few, like us at Sanident, have dental technicians, scanners, printers, ovens and everything else needed to make your prosthesis inside the clinic.

    Treatment phases

    Let’s find out more in detail the four phases that articulate an immediate load implant surgery:

    1. Analysis of the starting situation

      example of orthopanoramic

      Before intervening, the implantologist will assess the patient’s suitability for immediate loading by checking precise parameters. Among these, the height and thickness of the maxillary or mandibular bone. For the verification of the bone an orthopanoramic or OTP will be necessary, in some cases a more complete examination will be used such as the tomographic one with TAC Cone Beam. With this exam and with the help of specific software, the implantologist will be able to obtain the patient’s jaw in 3D, this will allow him a more detailed analysis and a better planning of the intervention. If the patient has a poor amount of bone, the dentist can evaluate maxillary sinus surgeries, bone grafts, bone regeneration or ridge expansion.

    2. Intervention: tooth extraction and implant placement
      conscious sedation

      conscious sedation

      Already at the first visit the implantologist will collect all the information useful for the operation that will allow the small big miracle in 24-72 hours: the restoration of a bright smile. The patient will undergo sedation during the procedure.
      The operation can last up to 3-4 hours, a period in which the dentist will reclaim the patient’s mouth, with the possible extraction of some teeth, and position the dental implants.

    3. Positioning of the fixed prosthesis
      Once the implants have been placed, our dental technicians will work to make the necessary corrections to the prosthesis previously made or to make it start from the impressions taken at the end of the procedure. Everything will happen within a few hours. In the afternoon or the next day you will be fixed on the prosthesis.
    4. Post intervention
      After a few days, a follow-up visit will be required.
      After 3-6 months it will be the time for the patient to switch from the temporary fixed prosthesis to the definitive fixed prosthesis. Finally, we will always be by your side to ensure that your new smile lasts a lifetime.

    As you can see, excluding the first visit and subsequent checks, it takes less than 24 to get back fixed teeth.

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