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Dental prostheses: fixed prostheses and removable prostheses. Which one to choose?

resistance of zirconia dental prostheses

When you lose one or more teeth you can suffer, most of the time, a psychological repercussion. But what happens specifically? Our smile is no longer the same, we begin to lose self-confidence and avoid any dinner out with friends or even relatives. This behavior, over time, becomes a real torture. Dental prostheses represent the solution to this enormous discomfort and replace the original set of teeth in the case of missing teeth or in completely edentulous patients. But, what are the chances that a patient has in these cases? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using dentures?

Dental prostheses: What to choose and why you need to intervene immediately

Sometimes, postponing a visit to your specialist can prove to be the worst choice you can make. When any problem emerges, such as tooth loss, it’s easy to think of waiting before solving the problem when, on the contrary, the situation gets much worse. In fact, the loss of teeth, if neglected, reveals problems in the state of the bone. The bone begins to reabsorb and thin out more and more, making the surgery itself more complicated. For this reason it is important to contact your trusted dentist as soon as possible.

For this reason it is important to contact your trusted dentist as soon as possible. The same are able to resist over time. There are two solutions to consider when there is tooth loss: the fixed prosthesis or the removable prosthesis. The choice usually depends on the patient’s condition while the difference between the two prostheses lies in the fact that the fixed prosthesis cannot be removed without the intervention of a doctor and is definitive while the mobile prosthesis can be removed at any time and it can replace part or even the entire dental arch.

Fixed dental prosthesis: advantages and disadvantages

quality of dental prostheses

In the past, the only alternative to tooth loss was the use of bridges on natural teeth or removable prostheses (such as dentures and skeletons). Thanks to modern dentistry there is another solution among dental prostheses that relies on implantology. The same solves the problem of missing teeth with fixed and definitive teeth. Implantology is the ideal solution to remedy the loss of teeth. What are the benefits and advantages that can be obtained from fixed prostheses?

  • Back to chewing with maximum comfort;
  • A natural smile can be restored;
  • The face regains volume;
  • There is a guarantee over time compared to traditional bridges and removable prostheses.

In everything, however, as there are positive aspects, there are also negative aspects. The negative aspect of implantology is clearly the cost and consequently the possibility of not undergoing surgery. If we consider the case of the rehabilitation of an entire arch, implantology could undoubtedly appear to be the more complex choice, when compared with that of a removable prosthesis, for these two reasons:

  • Implantology has a higher cost than mobile prostheses;
  • Speaking of surgery, clearly performed in a specialized center, it represents an invasive operation in any case.

Removable prostheses, therefore, seem to be the best solution for dental phobic patients and for those who don’t have the possibility to spend too much money.

Dentures or implantology. That’s why choosing the latter

milan dental prostheses

The removable prosthesis is chosen because in addition to having a moderate price, it is the least invasive solution. The mobile prosthesis, however, also and above all has disadvantages to consider. What can be verified?

  • Bone atrophy: in the absence of the natural roots of the teeth or their substitutes (such as dental implants), the bone will tend to reabsorb more and more;
  • Gingival discomfort: during chewing the force is discharged directly on the gums that support the prostheses, causing gum pain and multiple discomforts.
  • Mobility and discomfort: bone resorption is responsible for the mobility of the prosthesis causing great discomfort.
  • Discomfort and sense of encumbrance: many patients complain of the sensation of encumbrance caused by the prosthesis in the mouth. This sensation is mainly due to the flange or false palate which is felt by our body as a cumbersome presence that is difficult to tolerate.

Opting for a fixed dental prosthesis is by far the best choice for reconstructing the teeth of an entire arch. In fact, implantology allows you to solve chewing problems, eliminate blemishes, and finally feel good about yourself again. And, all this, in many cases it is even possible to do it in just 24 hours with immediate loading implantology. So, if you have lost one or more teeth, don’t wait any longer! Come and visit us and book a first visit without obligation. The specialists of the Sanident Center in Milan, in via Settembrini n. 6, waiting for you!

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