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Dentist or implantologist: when the choice is important

Painless implantology

Dentist or Implantologist: who should you choose? A dental problem needs a dentist, but not all dental problems are the same, so looking for a dentist may not be a good idea if what you need is implant surgery.

Looking for a dentist is too general for some dental cases

The offer of dentists is very wide, just do an online search to get a very long list of names. However, dentistry is a very vast subject and just like when looking for a surgeon, it is advisable to first understand what your needs are in order to then contact the right one. Just think that there is a total difference between a nurse and a surgeon. The same goes for the dentist. There are dentists specializing in orthodontics, others specializing in periodontics, still others in implantology. To make the right choice it is essential to be well informed.

  • First step: a correct diagnosis

Knowing with certainty which pathology you are suffering from is the first step in being able to rely on the best expert and above all knowing how to rely on the right expert. Gum inflammation, periodontitis, tooth loss, loose teeth. Identifying the problem helps to direct you towards the right choice. One of the most frequent problems for which one cannot help but go to the dentist is the loss of teeth. Edentulousness is in fact one of the cases in which the specialization and competence of the dentist can make the difference. Replacing missing teeth can be an easy operation or, as most often happens, it can be a complex operation.

Why is it better to consult an implantologist if we have to do an implant surgery?

Looking for a dentist is quite easy, completing an implant surgery with the guarantee that it will last a lifetime much less. Taking our experience into consideration, we can tell you that out of over 1,000 implantology operations in Milan performed every year, there is never a time when the operation can be repeated in the same way. Each patient has his own anatomy and particular needs, for this reason the insertion of the implants must necessarily be personalized to guarantee the success of the intervention and the long life of the implants themselves.

What is meant by custom dental implants

When we talk about customized dental implants we mean the possibility of adapting the implants to the patient’s anatomy and not vice versa. Each clinical case is different from the other and the conditions that can occur are many:

To address each of these factors, you need:

  • innovative technologies
  • professional skills
  • an adequate number of materials available

Technologies are of fundamental importance especially in the planning phase of the implant surgery. Planning the intervention step by step helps the implantologist limit the unexpected during the phaseimplantology in milan dentist surgical. In the same way, the implantologist with professional competence can quickly deal with the unforeseen events that may arise despite planning. Performing thousands of interventions a year it is easier to deal with any type of situation and instantly evaluate how to proceed. Although listed last, but certainly not least, the chosen material has a definite role in the success of implantology. By materials we mean the components of a dental implant: screws and prostheses. Having a vast assortment of screws available is a guarantee for the patient. In fact, when inserting the implants, there may be a need for longer or shorter screws to adapt them to the specific and necessary inclinations. Not being able to choose the best implant for the specific clinical case could compromise the success of the surgery. These points listed so far are not obvious considerations because not all implantology centers can boast the set of all these specific conditions. Only a few dental centers of excellence. Some of our patients arrived at our office in via Settembrini, 6 in Milan because they searched online for a dentist in Milan, others for implantology in Milan and so on. In our dental center there are many specializations, but you are not always lucky enough to find the center you really need. Come and visit us and book a first visit. We are ready to solve any problem.

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