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Immediate loading implantology. The All on 4 and All on 6 techniques

toronto bridge

Immediate loading implantology has been an important conquest that has allowed many patients to return to showing off an enviable smile in a short time compared to the times that were and are expected with deferred loading. Implantology, to date, allows you to rehabilitate an entire arch using two methods that are generally associated with the immediate loading procedure. Let’s find out what they are and what advantages they offer.

Implantologia a carico immediato, le due metodologie

Immediate loading implantology, as mentioned, is based on two specific methodologies: All on 4 and All on 6. The first technique allows you to have fixed teeth using four implants, while the second uses six implants which will have the task of keeping the entire fixed prosthesis still. The procedure involves identifying four or six points where the bone is resistant, where the implants will be placed. This technique is usually recommended and preferred over the other existing ones. The reduced use of expensive components makes the price of the implant surgery affordable.

Immediate loading implantology All on 4: characteristics and advantages

toronto bridge all on 4

The innovative methodology All on 4 is a technique in which dentures are replaced with fixed teeth and thanks to this technique it is also possible to solve those cases in which total edentulism occurs. We recognize this prosthesis with the name of Toronto Bridge, with the application of four titanium implants inserted in specific areas it is possible to insert an entire arch that rests on them, guaranteeing maximum stability of future prostheses. The All on 4 immediate loading implantology technique is considered as the important innovation in the field of dentistry. A revolutionary procedure that allows you to transform totally toothless patients into happy men and/or women, who smile again and enjoy a good dinner. It was Nobel Biocare, thanks to the description of the Portuguese dentist Paulo Malo, that registered the All on 4 trademark in 2003 and applied it in thousands of cases with success all over the world. Dr Malo, after a careful study, has identified the seats suitable for obtaining excellent primary stability with only 4 dental implants. The advantages of All on 4 immediate loading implantology are:

  • Quick procedure, result achieved in just a few moves;
  • Reduced discomfort and minimally invasiveness;
  • Low costs.

Unlike other brands, which produce a limited series of products, Nobel Dental Implants offer a variety of dental implants that can be adapted to each particular need. Professionals who apply the Nobel protocol, such as the dentists of our Sanident center in Milan, in Via Settembrini, 6, are also constantly updated. The advantages of a dental implant with the Nobel Biocare protocol are:

  • Materials that meet the highest quality standards;
  • Variety of implants available for each specific clinical case;
  • Innovative techniques that reduce intervention times for the patient;
  • Dentists with highly qualified skills;
  • Efficacy and durability over time.

All on 6 implantology: features and benefits

implantology in 24 hours

Immediate loading implantology All on 6 allows you to reconstruct the arch with fixed teeth thanks to the application of a 12-14 tooth prosthesis better known as Toronto Bridge. The Toronto prosthesis is supported by 6 implants. The All on 6 technique, compared to the All on 4 technique, guarantees more stability of the prosthesis, having a higher number of implants that support it. The All on 6 is applied within 24 hours, consequently a temporary set of teeth is installed which is replaced, within three or six months, with the definitive one. The patient, after a few days, will resume eating without any kind of problem. The advantages of All on 6 immediate loading implantology are:

  • Cost reduction. The reconstruction of an entire arch resting on six implants obviously involves a lower cost;
  • Time reduction. Immediate loading gives the possibility of applying all the fixed prostheses in a single session and in a single location and structure;
  • Minimally invasive. This type of intervention is less invasive than other interventions in which more implants have to be inserted;
  • Remove the mobile dentures. You will forget about the removable prosthesis and chewing and gum problems. In this way, the patient will not have any problems with the dislocation of the prosthesis as it is completely fixed to the already osteointegrated implants.


We have therefore analyzed the two modern techniques of immediate loading implantology. As we have seen, both the All on 4 and the All on 6 offer considerable advantages and are modern and revolutionary methods for solving the question of fixed prostheses in a very short time. The choice between the two techniques can vary from patient to patient and a specialist will decide according to the case and evaluate each solution. Book a first visit without obligation in our Sanident Center in Milan, in Via Settembrini, 6, after a consultation with our specialists you will have a clear and precise picture of the situation.

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