Bruxismo notturno, l’attività dei muscoli masticatori e del collo

Il bruxismo è un disturbo diffuso, basti pensare che il 15/20% della popolazione adulta ne soffre, con conseguenze dirette su sorriso e masticazione.

Chi digrigna i denti può farlo di giorno (bruxismo diurno) o di notte (bruxismo notturno). In quest’ultimo caso, si tratta di una vera e propria attività muscolare masticatoria involontaria che viene esercitata durante il sonno.

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white spot white spots on the enamel

White spot: white spots on the teeth, tested a new product

For White spot, in dentistry, we mean those white spots that can appear on the enamel of the teeth causing an unpleasant blemish. The white spots on the teeth are quite common, it is a pathology closely linked to the demineralization of the dental enamel.

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care of deciduous teeth dentist Milan

Care of deciduous teeth: functional and aesthetic aspects

The care of deciduous teeth is often underestimated, for this reason some children come to have decidedly compromised milk teeth, on which conservative dentistry interventions are extremely necessary, in order to avoid complications for general health. Read more

dental transplant dentist milan

Tooth autograft: is it effective?

Tooth autotransplantation is defined as the transplantation of a tooth from one site to another in the same patient.

It is a technique that is evaluated in some specific clinical cases as a therapeutic alternative to implant or conventional rehabilitation.

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melatonin oral mucositis prevention

Melatonin to reduce the risk of oral mucositis in cancer patients

Oncological therapies have consequences on the health of the mouth and teeth, in particular cancer patients are often affected by oral mucositis; a recent study demonstrated the efficacy of melatonin for the prevention of this pathology following anticancer therapies.

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oxidative stress

Oxidative stress: a danger to oral health and beyond

The lack of balance between oxidizing substances and antioxidant substances determines an abnormal health condition called oxidative stress.

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maintain wisdom tooth dentist milan

Keeping your wisdom tooth: when you can leave it in place

There is a lot of discussion about keeping the wisdom tooth or pulling it out; it is common opinion that third molars are superfluous teeth that most of the time do not even find space in the arch.

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gingival recessions dental appliance Milan dentist

Gingival recessions after orthodontic treatment

It is likely that following an orthodontic treatment an episode of gum recession may occur, but the causes of gingival recessions are not yet clear to date. Read more

pedodontics pediatric dentistry Milan

Pedodontics: the importance of dentistry for children

Pedodontia, more commonly known as pediatric dentistry, is the branch of dentistry that deals with odontostomatological problems in the age of development, from birth to puberty.

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allergies to dental materials

Allergies to dental materials: new research

It is a fairly common practice in the medical field, before proceeding to the patient’s visit, to submit him to a brief interview to learn more about his medical history. One of the usual questions is: do you have allergies? Read more