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Nocturnal bruxism, the activity of the chewing and neck muscles


Bruxism is a widespread disorder, just think that 15/20% of the adult population suffers from it, with direct consequences on smiling and chewing. Those who grind their teeth can do it during the day (day bruxism) or at night (nocturnal bruxism). In the latter case, it is a real involuntary masticatory muscle activity that is […]

White spot: white spots on the teeth, tested a new product

white spot white spots on the enamel

For White spot, in dentistry, we mean those white spots that can appear on the enamel of the teeth causing an unpleasant blemish. The white spots on the teeth are quite common, it is a pathology closely linked to the demineralization of the dental enamel.

Care of deciduous teeth: functional and aesthetic aspects

care of deciduous teeth dentist Milan

The care of deciduous teeth is often underestimated, for this reason some children come to have decidedly compromised milk teeth, on which conservative dentistry interventions are extremely necessary, in order to avoid complications for general health.

Tooth autograft: is it effective?

dental transplant dentist milan

Tooth autotransplantation is defined as the transplantation of a tooth from one site to another in the same patient. It is a technique that is evaluated in some specific clinical cases as a therapeutic alternative to implant or conventional rehabilitation.

Melatonin to reduce the risk of oral mucositis in cancer patients

melatonin oral mucositis prevention

Oncological therapies have consequences on the health of the mouth and teeth, in particular cancer patients are often affected by oral mucositis; a recent study demonstrated the efficacy of melatonin for the prevention of this pathology following anticancer therapies.