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Dental Implantology: Complete Guide to a Perfect Smile

Dental implantology is the revolutionary solution for those seeking a complete and long-lasting smile. Let’s explore the details together, from the process to its countless advantages. If you are looking for a long-term solution for your missing teeth, you are in the right place. Find out how dental implantology can improve your quality of life […]

Success factors of immediate loading implantology

implantology in 24 hours

Immediate loading implantology has been a great achievement in the field of dental medicine. This conquest has allowed many patients to regain their smile and regenerate their dental health in a very short time. As we have already seen, there are different methodologies based on scientific studies that treat different cases and different patient needs. […]

Immediate loading implantology. The All on 4 and All on 6 techniques

toronto bridge

Immediate loading implantology has been an important conquest that has allowed many patients to return to showing off an enviable smile in a short time compared to the times that were and are expected with deferred loading. Implantology, to date, allows you to rehabilitate an entire arch using two methods that are generally associated […]

Dental implant, what to eat after surgery

Undergoing surgery to insert a dental implant is never an easy choice. Many patients are frightened because they have a phobia of the dentist, others because they are afraid of pain or simply of undergoing a real operation. Pain before and after the operation, competence of the medical staff, quality of the materials that will […]

Old age and oral health. Risks, problems and how to deal with them

inflammation of elderly gums

When it comes to oral health, an entire branch is now taken into consideration which is made up of many fields, but which above all also affects the overall well-being of our body. This close correlation becomes more and more true with the arrival of old age. The latter involves changes in the body and […]

Dental prostheses: fixed prostheses and removable prostheses. Which one to choose?

resistance of zirconia dental prostheses

When you lose one or more teeth you can suffer, most of the time, a psychological repercussion. But what happens specifically? Our smile is no longer the same, we begin to lose self-confidence and avoid any dinner out with friends or even relatives. This behavior, over time, becomes a real torture. Dental prostheses represent the […]

Fear of the dentist? Here’s how to overcome it with conscious sedation

types of anesthesia

The term “odontophobia” encompasses in all respects the fear that some people have of the dentist. Conscious sedation tries to remedy this problem and give the right solution even to those who just can’t overcome this phobia and for these reasons even postpone necessary and vital interventions for their oral health, and beyond. But […]

Computer guided implantology, digital techniques for dental implants

dental implants fracture

Even in the field of dentistry, cutting-edge techniques have recently developed which are based on the use of technology and benefit from it. Computer-guided (or assisted) implantology, for example, makes it possible to simulate the insertion of an implant on the computer. This allows not only to have a virtual elaboration of the area where […]

Bone atrophy is now no longer a taboo. Causes, remedies and solutions

bone atrophy zygomatic implantology

Unfortunately, suffering from bone atrophy is very common and often causes you to lose confidence and self-confidence, as well as significantly worsening your quality of life. But what is bone atrophy? Are there any suitable solutions? Is it possible to remedy this through implantology?