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Orthodontic appliances: what changes with new technologies

milano orthodontic appliances

In the last ten years technology has revolutionized the field of dentistry in all its fields, from implantology to orthodontics, even orthodontic appliances are in fact at the center of new innovative technological processes.

Orthodontic appliances: the innovations introduced by technology

The first important changes made by technology are first of all in the diagnosis phase. Tools that are present today in dental clinics such as:

I am able, in the diagnosis phase, to return to the dentist very high-precision information on the patient’s anatomy and his specific clinical conditions. Such detailed data allow any orthodontic treatment to be planned with a negligible margin of error.

The data collected that will be used to build custom-made orthodontic appliances for each individual patient are:

The 3D software also allows you to preview the insertion simulation of the orthodontic appliance and those that will be beneficial effects compared to the starting clinical situation.

The insertion of orthodontic appliances is not always a serene choice by patients, the technology also improves this type of approach and dialogue with the dentist. The whole procedure is in fact immediately visible on the screen and the patient can follow each step, asking specific questions and clarifying any doubts.

3D models of orthodontic appliances

Milan invisible orthodontic appliancesThanks to the technology it is possible to design orthodontic appliances in the smallest detail, taking into account, as we have already mentioned, all patient-related data.

The information is sent to the dental laboratory and transformed directly into a three-dimensional model thanks to 3D printers that print the prototype.

Invisible orthodontic appliances, such as Invisalign, are equipped with specific software for planning the small traction movements that occur during the treatment phase. The patient can therefore monitor the benefits of the treatment and visualize the final effect.

Technology and orthodontics: advantages for dentists and patients

Technological innovation brings significant advantages both to the dental clinic and to patients. In terms of dental procedures, in fact, technology helps the dentist to:

  • safely and quickly transfer data from the studio to the laboratory;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy with respect to planning immediately thanks to the software;
  • have prototypes of orthodontic appliances in a short time.

For the patient all this translates into:

  • shorter treatment times;
  • significantly reduced probability of error;
  • terapie personalizzate.

Come and discover the advantages of the technology used in our clinic. Contact us now

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