canini inclusi dentista milano

Canini inclusi: l’importanza della pianificazione del trattamento

I canini per via della loro posizione in arcata hanno un ruolo fondamentale per l’estetica del sorriso, un problema di canini inclusi potrebbe dunque compromettere non solo gli aspetti funzionali della masticazione, ma anche l’autostima e la socialità del paziente.

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dysphagia dentist milan

Dysphagia: when it is due to dental problems

Dysphagia is the name associated with swallowing problems. It is a much more frequent pathology than one might think, the problem is often underestimated, but not being able to swallow a pastil or having difficulty in swallowing food could be a wake-up call.

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sleep disorders dentistry milan

Sleep disturbances and dental therapies in children

Sleep disturbances and in particular respiratory disturbances generate episodes of hypoapnea and / or sleep apnea during the night. This type of episode also occurs frequently in children.

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misalignment of the teeth orthodontics milan

Misalignment of teeth due to parodonditis: how to intervene

When it comes to periodontitis, the patient is always warned about the most serious consequences of the pathology, including tooth loss, but periodontitis can also be the cause of a misalignment of the teeth.

carious lesions and braces

Carious lesions before orthodontics: how to intervene

Milan orthodontic restraint device

Restraining device: an integral part of orthodontics

The restraining device is an indispensable device for the full success of an orthodontic therapy. It is used in the stabilization phase of orthodontics. Read more

milano orthodontic appliances

Orthodontic appliances: what changes with new technologies

In the last ten years technology has revolutionized the field of dentistry in all its fields, from implantology to orthodontics, even orthodontic appliances are in fact at the center of new innovative technological processes. Read more

dental crowding care milan

Dental crowding: what to do when the teeth overlap

One of the most frequent clinical cases in orthodontics is dental crowding in the lower arch. Dental crowding means a condition in which the jaw bone does not have enough space to hold all the dental elements in their natural position, which is why the teeth overlap each other.

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Milanese narrow palate

Narrow palate: what problems and how to solve them

The narrow palate is a fairly common dental condition mainly in children, but it is not always easy to identify. If diagnosed, it can be treated and avoid repercussions on the body’s health.

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Deep bite: when it is possible to correct it

The deep bite is a particular type of malocclusion, it is called a deep bite when the incisors of the upper arch of the teeth cover those of the lower arch.

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