intraoral digital scanner

Intraoral digital scanner: very high precision dental impressions

The MHT 3D Progress intraoral digital scanner has been in use by the medical team at the Sanident center for some time. Our dentists use the intraoral scanner to obtain a digital impression of the patients’ teeth and surrounding tissues.

Thanks to the intraoral digital scanner we are able to acquire the entire morphology of the tissues and the tooth without having to use traditional and annoying impressions. The scanner is practical so the dentist can easily move it inside your mouth without making you feel any discomfort.

How does the 3D progress intraoral digital scanner work?

digital dentistry scanner The intraoral digital scanner represents an innovative “reading” system of the oral cavity and increases the precision of the detection in depth, with the possibility of acquiring detailed images of the entire arches, upper and lower with maximum accuracy.

The use of highly technological equipment such as the intraoral digital scanner simplifies the acquisition procedure, with significant benefits for patients and improves the entire workflow of the dental center.

The images acquired by the scanner can be immediately transmitted to the dental laboratory (the generated files are in fact compatible with all open CAD software), the fingerprints can be compared between dentists and technicians and in real time, while you are still in the studio, there is the possibility to update already acquired parts with new data or automatically combine scan parts acquired in different times. More technology means less chance of error.

With the digital scanner we are able to reduce working times. In particular, when the intraoral digital scanner is used in the implantology intervention process, the fingerprints are sent to the CAD-CAM systems and this allows the prostheses to be prepared within a few hours.

The entire cycle of a dental therapy can be followed and monitored in a very short time by your trusted dentist. Digitalization is a determining factor for the advancement of dental care, but these types of tools do not replace the competence of a good dentist. Tools such as the intraoral digital scanner must be guided by an expert hand capable of professionally following the entire operating procedure.