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Placement of dental implants: a delicate phase

positioning of dental implants implantology milan

The positioning of dental implants is a very delicate phase of implantology, an incorrect implant positioning could be the cause of peri-implantitis.

Proper positioning of dental implants is of fundamental importance for the aesthetic and functional success of the implant surgery.

Computer guided implantology

The computer guided implantology technique guarantees the positioning of dental implants with millimeter precision, obviously what really makes the difference, in addition to the use of highly technological tools, such as the operating microscope, is the proven experience and competence of the dentist who performs the ‘intervention.

oral surgery

A research on implant placement

In a recent clinical study, published in the International Journal of Implant Dentistry in April 2021, researchers analyzed what were the factors that influence the correct positioning of dental implants in guided implantology.

For the study, 122 partial edentulous patients who underwent an implant surgery with guided surgery, between 1 September 2015 and 31 May 2018 at the University Dental Hospital were considered. of Osaka.

The clinical cases analyzed included patients over 20 years of age who had no contraindications to oral surgery and with 6 or more remaining teeth.

Positioning of dental implants through digital planning of the implant surgery

All implantology interventions were performed with surgical guides obtained by scanning the model with the implant planning software. All patients received Nobel Biocare implants.

The patients included in the final analysis were 110 of which 39 men, 71 women, aged between 40 and 70, for a total of 188 implants placed.

The deviation between the implants planned through the software and those actually inserted was measured three-dimensionally using a modified treatment evaluation method.

surgical navigator

What factors can lead to incorrect placement of dental implants

The variables that can lead to errors in implant placement are:

  • tooth type;
  • distance between the remaining teeth;
  • type of plant;
  • implant length;
  • number of implants;
  • number of anchor pins;
  • la presenza o assenza di una struttura di rinforzo.

Maximum precision in implantology thanks to technological tools

Thanks to the use of software for implant planning, the possibility of error in the positioning of dental implants is practically reduced to a millimeter margin.

The expertise of the dentist also allows you to manage even those variables that could in some way influence the success of the implant surgery.

Highly specialized technology and skills are an inseparable combination for patient safety and implant success.

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