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Operating microscope: the best technology for your teeth

Dentistry operating microscope

The ZEISS operating microscope (our clinic has recently acquired 5), will increase the reliability, innovation and precision of our technological instrumentation which has always been at the forefront to guarantee excellence in the care of the health of our patients .
The use of the operating microscope allows the dentist, during the surgery phase, to see fundamental details and perspectives from multiple angles which it would be impossible to access with the naked eye.
The precision of intervention on the patient reaches very high quality standards because in addition to making visible details and very small structures, thanks to the various magnification scales, it ensures adequate brightness that is impossible to achieve with common laboratory lamps.

What features does a ZEISS surgical microscope have?

ZEISS operating microscopeThe operating microscope allows in fact a stereoscopic vision, that is the possibility of observing with both eyes gaining the depth of the object in the vision, the dedicated light available (coaxial light) can be directed towards the point of interest illuminating details not visible at naked eye, such as root canals.
These peculiarities make the operating microscope an indispensable tool in different phases of dental therapy, starting from the diagnostic phase.

Why is it useful to use the Zeiss microscope in dental care?

The operating microscope demonstrates its full usefulness already in the diagnosis phase. Thanks to its characteristics, it allows the dentist to visualize caries in its early stages and to intervene even before it can be clearly visible to the eye. Same thing for microfractures of the tooth: identified under a microscope, they can be repaired before the damage can become larger.

Extremely relevant is the use of the microscope also for the treatment of periodontitis, a greater visual amplitude allows to deeply clean the periodontal pockets and eliminate the plaque and tartar present.

The extreme precision of the technological instrument makes the interventions less invasive and lends itself to be a valid support in treatments where precision and accuracy are essential as in dental reconstruction or implantology. Even the assistants will have the same visibility as the doctor and will be able to guarantee maximum assistance in every phase of the intervention.

All the functions of the operating microscope respond to high ergonomics, guaranteeing the dentist the possibility of having a correct and relaxed posture which has positive consequences for the patient as well, even the longest lasting treatments can be comfortable and not too demanding for both.

The integration of the microscope with an HD camera provides the dentist with the possibility of obtaining videos and frames at very high resolution to document the work, study particularly interesting clinical cases, describe to the patient the therapy procedures in detail.

For our center, investing in innovative technologies is a primary objective, cutting-edge tools to guarantee our patients the quality and excellence they deserve.

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