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What age for implantology? Let’s clear up some doubts

age for implantology

Is there an age for implantology? Can you be too young to insert dental implants? Or, conversely, when you are too old to face an implant surgery? These are just some of the doubts of the patients of our dental center in Milan. To answer fully, we have collected all the information in this article.

Is the age for implantology so crucial?

Anyone who has to deal with the bad experience of losing one or more teeth, would like to remedy it as soon as possible and effectively.

Losing one or more teeth is not necessarily a third age condition, even very young people can lose one tooth or several teeth for several reasons:

  • congenital causes such as dental agenesis;
  • pathologies such as periodontitis;
  • accidental causes such as trauma to the teeth.

In the same way it is wrong to think that old people over eighty years of age are no longer of age for implantology. Older patients often give in to resignation that it is too late to face an implantology intervention.

rejuvenate with implantology


The truth is, you can smile again at any age.

There is no age for implantology, there are rather contraindications related to the specific clinical conditions of each patient. Let’s see which ones.

Implantology in young patients

For a young patient who is in the condition of having lost one or more teeth, immediate loading implantology is certainly the best solution. In a short time it is possible to restore both chewing and aesthetic functions, with fixed teeth completely similar to natural teeth.

In a young and healthy subject, the only impediment for planning an implantology intervention is skeletal development.

The maxillary bone, in which the screw of the dental implant is inserted, which will replace the root of the missing tooth, continues its growth up to about 16/18 years. In men, the growth phase could even exceed 18 years of age.

bone atrophy zygomatic implantology milan


Placing the implants on a bone that is still in full development could have consequences on the correct positioning of the implants. A plant positioned in the growth phase could in fact be in a different position after a few years.

The age for implantology, however, may not coincide with the age: it is not enough to wait for the patient to be 18 years old. In this case, the term of skeletal development determines the right age for implantology and can be evaluated only by accurate diagnostic investigations.

Implantology in old age

Patients in old age are often disheartened. A good percentage thinks that it is too late to remedy and find a little serenity in addition to the smile.

The experience of our implantology center in Milan allows us to deny these prejudices. There is no age for implantology and with an immediate load intervention even a patient over the years can have fixed teeth in no time.

milan implantology

Again, the limit is not the age, but the patient’s clinical condition.

The patient in old age could not face an implantology intervention if:

  • you have previously had a heart attack or have heart disease;
  • there is a manifest osteoporosis or other bone disease;
  • is a diabetic patient;
  • ha problemi psichici;
  • you are immunosuppressed or have other immunological diseases.

Each patient has his or her clinical history, listening to it and planning the intervention according to the needs of each individual is the only real difference between the success of an implantology intervention and its failure.

The age for implantology is therefore not a limit, the important thing is to rely on a dental center specializing in implantology.


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