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Periodontal health and orthodontic appliances

periodontal health and dental apparatus

Can the long-term application of orthodontic appliances compromise the health of the periodontium? A recent study tries to answer this question.

Orthodontics and health of the periodontium

From the collaboration between a group of Italian researchers and one of Chinese researchers, an analysis study was started on the incidence of orthodontic fixed and orthodontic aligners and periodontal health devices.

The results of the research were published in August 2018 in the Journal of the American Dental Association.

Milan orthodonticsThe objective of the analysis was to understand which of the two orthodontic treatments, the orthodontic aligner and the fixed orthodontic appliance, have a greater impact on the health of the periodontium and gums.

Before analyzing the research results, we explore the characteristics of the two treatments.

Orthodontic aligner

Theorthodontic aligner is a practically invisible dental device. It is in fact a mask that is applied to the teeth, made on the specific anatomy of the patient, and allows to bring the teeth back to their correct position.

The advantage of an invisible orthodontic aligner is that it can be removed, both during meals and in the subsequent phase of oral hygiene. With the orthodontic aligner the movement of the teeth is gradual and constant over time, in the mask there are no bars or metal wires and this guarantees a great aesthetic performance.

Fixed orthodontic appliance

Thefixed orthodontic appliance is a treatment based on traction forces. The device is in fact made up of metal wires and bands which exert a traction force on the teeth capable of gradually moving the teeth until reaching the right position in the arch. It is not possible to remove the appliance during the treatment phases.Video - Crooked Teeth and Orthodontics

Difference between invisible and fixed apparatus on the health of the periodontium

Researchers from the joint Italian-Japanese team analyzed a series of studies on the incidence of the two orthodontic treatments on the health of the periodontium. The sources have been incorporated in the studies of PubMed, Web of Science, Cochrane Library and Embase. Nine studies were admitted to the final phase of the analysis. Among the parameters for the comparison of the two treatments, the following were taken into consideration:

The results showed that the health of the periodontium is more preserved during the use of invisible orthodontic aligners. In fact, fixed orthodontic appliances favor the accumulation of plaque due to the presence of bands and metal wires that prevent adequate oral hygiene.

The presence of plaque constantly threatens the health of the periodontium and there is a high risk of contracting gingivitis and tooth decay. The invisible masks, on the other hand, thanks to the possibility of being removed, guarantee better oral hygiene and the use of dental floss that preserves the health of teeth and gums.

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