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Crooked teeth? Orthodontics solves the problem

Perfect teeth

The smile “lasts only an instant but its memory remains for a long time”. It is known that a smiling face, with perfect white teeth, is pleasing to the eye, communicates positivity and energy. On the contrary, imperfections, crooked teeth and imperfections, can limit the strength of a smile and provide a sense of embarrassment. For those with similar problems, there is good news: there are no perfect teeth that are not cared for and followed by a specialist (even the VIPs resort toorthodontics); with a suitable intervention it is possible to correct crooked teeth at various levels of severity.

Correct to prevent: crooked teeth and consequences

Crooked teeth and pacifierDo you have an idea of the causes that affect the dental structure and that have compromised your, then, beautiful teeth? Some refer to genetic factors: crowding, malocclusion, early loss of milk teeth; others are incorrect behavioral habits that you acquired as a child and consolidated over time. If your thumb or pacifier was your sweetest pastime and if, after 3 years, you still drank bottle milk, you can more easily trace the origin of the problem. Pushing the tongue against the teeth and the very bad habit of grinding, also called bruxism, are also these causes of dental misalignment.
Consulting as soon as possible, from an early age, a specialist dentist is important to restore dental health and avoid the onset of the consequences, often underestimated, that crooked teeth can bring:

  • problematic chewing and poor digestion of food;
  • difficulty in cleaning the teeth and the onset of plaque and tartar that expose more to caries, gingivitis, pyorrhea and tooth loss;
  • difficulty in language;
  • face changes and increased probability of tooth breakage;
  • facial pain, postural problems and headache;
  • discomfort in interpersonal relationships, with repercussions on self-esteem and the aesthetics of the smile.

The remedies for crooked teeth

After the roundup of causes and effects, we can return to the good news: the solution or, better, the solutions to the problem exist. You can smile and test the victory of beautiful and aligned teeth, of a dazzling smile, which you will soon get thanks to the help of Sanident dentists. Starting from the panoramic radiography and, after the study of your particular orthodontic case, the dentist will advise you on the most suitable solution.
Here is a summary, keep in mind, however, that your case is different from another and that you may need a “special” and personalized remedy:

  • The fixed fixture, normally it is the “edgewise” model, with plates.
  • Themobile device it is one of the remedies for crooked teeth, intervenes on three different levels: functional, on the activity of closing and opening the mouth; orthodontic, with direct action focused on moving the teeth without interfering on bone and muscles; by restraint, i.e. to maintain the correct position of the teeth after the fixed appliance.
  • The transparent appliance or transparent alignment template has the advantage of shifting the alignment of the teeth without having to resort to the plates or the metal arches of a fixed appliance. The Invisalign technique, from overseas, refers to invisible orthodontics and is part of new generation dentistry.
    Crooked teeth remedies: fixed, mobile or invisible braces

Sanident, the dental practice in Milan, also uses invisible and new generation orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign, in fact, and others that relate to lingual orthodontics such as Incognito, a fixed device with a gold structure that is applied to the inside of the dental arches .

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