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Electric toothbrush: is it more effective than a normal toothbrush?

electric toothbrush

Since the electric toothbrush appeared on the Italian market, now half a century ago, many have wondered about its effectiveness, especially in relation to the manual toothbrush.

How does the electric toothbrush work?

The electric toothbrush is a tool aimed at the care of daily oral hygiene. Its operation is based on the electrical movement of a head, composed of rotating bristles, which help to thoroughly clean teeth and spaces between them.

There are several models on the market that can vary in price, design and functionality. The body of the electric toothbrush is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a small motor that can vary in power and autonomy times, while the heads of the electric toothbrush can vary in size, oscillatory or rotating movement, hardness of the bristles.

The term papers are generally round and the rotary and oscillatory movement allows to effectively remove the plaque between tooth and tooth and around the gums.

Electric water jet brush

Among the different models of electric toothbrushes there is also a model with an integrated water jet. It is an electrical device that in addition to the rotating head emits a jet of water useful for removing plaque and food residues.

What is the difference between all the models on the market?

As you can easily see, looking at all the models of electric toothbrushes on the shelves, there are considerable price differences between one toothbrush and another. The price is closely related to the performance of the device.

An essential component is the engine, hence the toothbrush body.

An inexpensive electric toothbrush will probably have a non-rechargeable battery and a low power motor that guarantees the head about a few oscillations per minute. The cost increases in the case of a rechargeable battery with an engine that guarantees 9,000 oscillations per minute.

To this are added any digital sensors to ensure the correct use of the electric toothbrush, such as:

  • the pressure indicator;
  • il timer di utilizzo.

These are two very useful accessories to prevent incorrect use of the device: the pressure indicator avoids over-stressing the tooth enamel with too intense brushing and the timer allows you to brush your teeth for a useful time and effective cleaning.

Is the electric toothbrush more effective?

There would be no difference between an electric toothbrush and a normal toothbrush if the manual brushing was performed consistently, for the necessary time, with the right angle …chosen electric toothbrush

If instead you brush your teeth with laziness without devoting the right time, then a battery-powered toothbrush is certainly more effective. However, the correct use of the electrical device remains a necessary condition to avoid damage to teeth and gums.

Incorrect use of the electric toothbrush may result in:

  • soft tissue injuries of the mouth;
  • gum recession;
  • abrasion of the enamel.

It should be added that it is always advisable to ask your dentist for advice on choosing a toothbrush, because not all patients have a clinical condition suitable for using an electrical device.

It is not even possible to think that the rotating bristles can give the same results as a professional cleaning performed by the dentist.

In fact, there is often a false belief or miscommunication on the part of producers that leads to think that mechanical bristles can remove tooth stains or have miraculous effects on the color of the enamel.

Unfortunately it is not so, certainly the rotation and the oscillation of the bristles have the advantage of removing plaque and residues even from areas that are difficult to reach with a normal toothbrush, but it is certainly not sufficient for the deep removal of tartar that is obtained only with a professional scaling.

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