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Dental enamel defects: white spots on the teeth

defects of the enamel

Among the defects of the enamel we can include the white spots that often appear on the surface of the teeth, creating an evident imperfection. In this article we will try to understand the origin of the white spots on the teeth and how to cure them.

Defects of the enamel: what are they due?

Most enamel defects are due to demineralization of the tooth surface. In particular the defect of the white spots is due to two main causes:Milan dentist

In both cases demineralization of the enamel occurs, the surface of the teeth loses some of its mineral component, the index of refraction of light is no longer the same giving rise to defects in dental enamel, in particular, it is in this way that white spots appear on the teeth.

The spots may appear in different ways, they may be white streaks on the enamel or extended spots with an irregular shape.

Enamel defects and related diseases

The white spots on the teeth can also be the symptom of the presence of some diseases of the oral cavity including:

The stains on the teeth create an aesthetic discomfort and many patients are attracted to DIY and cheap solutions. These are treatments that promise to eliminate enamel defects and that could actually cause serious damage to health.

Contacting a dentist is always the best solution.

How to work on white teeth stains

gum reconstructionIn a dental practice before the treatment an accurate analysis will always be carried out. There are indeed tests, including that of palatal transillumination, in which it is possible to assess the depth of the spots on teeth.

To restore the enamel to its natural condition and correct the stains, it is possible to intervene with a specific therapy with which the dentist proceeds with resinous infiltrations in the enamel. The surface of the teeth is treated with a particular compound that acts in a capillary way filling the parts where the minerals are lacking.

In this way the enamel is remineralized in all its parts and restored to its natural condition.

This type of treatment is specific for white spots on teeth that do not have a high depth and extension. There is an excellent success rate of the therapy over the medium term, while long-term scientific evidence does not yet exist.

All the defects of the enamel are however to be considered real diseases of the oral cavity and cannot be treated with improvised methods and home kits purchased online. To protect your health it is essential to always consult a dentist.

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