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Do-it-yourself teeth whitening? Better not

do it yourself teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is in effect a dental treatment that has the aim of correcting the alteration of the color of the teeth making them whiter. Bleaching is used not only to improve the aesthetic appearance and regain a bright smile, but also to intervene and neutralize dental discolouration due to various diseases such as: fluorosis or stains caused by the use of particular drugs.
Performing a whitening treatment in a professional studio means having the guarantee of the success of the intervention and avoiding unpleasant side effects.
The Internet can often be a trap for those looking for cheap, do-it-yourself remedies.
Many products aimed at this type of therapy can be easily found online, in pharmacies or in the supermarket but when it comes to the health of our teeth it is better not to lower the level of attention too much on the quality of what we buy.

The chemical principle that regulates tooth whitening is quite simple: the applied products mainly contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, these substances, put in contact with our teeth, release oxygen molecules which neutralize the pigment molecules that give rise to stains.
In the event that non-certified or poor quality products are used and the application is also not carried out by expert hands, unpleasant inconveniences may occur. The most common could be hypersensitivity of the teeth or inflammation of the gums due to contact with the product which can chemically “burn” the part.


WhiteningIf there are already existing pathologies they should be diagnosed and treated in a specialist visit, applying whitening products on caries, gingivitis, pyorrhea is strongly contraindicated.
When the whitening treatment is applied with silicone masks it is good that they are made according to the dental impression of each patient, a specialist can carefully define the needs of each and follow every step of the whitening step by step.
Hazardous choices, home remedies and compulsive purchase of promotional products could therefore compromise your dental health.
Bleaching is still a medical procedure and as such requires the history of those who undergo it, one cannot ignore one’s clinical situation before applying a bleaching product.
A proper evaluation will save you time and money and above all you will have absolute certainty that the whitening treatment, performed by a professional, has a proven efficacy that lasts over time.

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