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Periodontitis: an infection to avoid! How much do you know about it?

periodontitis, plaque and tartar

Periodontitis or pyorrhea is an infection which, if neglected, causes irreversible damage. Bacteria, during meals, can attach to our teeth as a result the only more appropriate choice is to brush our teeth immediately after meals, in order to avoid any gum inflammation.

Fluorosis: a new treatment


Fluorosis is an oral disease caused by too much fluoride present in the tooth enamel. Fluorosis is manifested by the presence of white or yellowish lesions on the surface of the teeth.

Home whitening: treatments compared

sbiancamento domiciliare

Home whitening products have rapidly spread in recent years. At the beginning they consisted of customized masks to be worn during the night hours based on gel solutions with a low concentration of carbamide peroxide. There are products on the market today that promise teeth whitening in a short time, but is effectiveness guaranteed?

Canines Included: The Importance of Treatment Planning

canini inclusi dentista milano

Due to their position in the arch, the canines play a fundamental role for the aesthetics of the smile, a problem of impacted canines could therefore compromise not only the functional aspects of chewing, but also the patient’s self-esteem and sociability.

Wear of dental veneers: new dental materials

wear of dental veneers

Research in the dental field also works in the constant search for new materials, in particular increasing the resistance of materials to abrasion can positively affect the duration of many treatments and limit the wear of dental veneers.

Plaque buildup after DIY bleaching

plaque buildup after bleaching

Plaque buildup after DIY whitening can be an unpleasant consequence of wanting to have white teeth and relying on unprofessional remedies.