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Deferred loading and immediate loading: what differences?

Finding a solution to tooth loss has been one of the issues with which man has been forced to measure himself since antiquity; delayed and immediate loading implantology are in fact the result of the continuous evolution of dentistry.

Deferred load and immediate load: goodbye to pain

We would like to state that the era of the dentist / pain combination ends with implantology.

In fact, within a decade, dentistry has taken enormous steps towards the patient, in terms of attention and care.

How delayed loading implantology is born

It all began in the middle of the last century precisely in our country, it was 1964 and the dentist Stefano Tramonte experimented with the use of titanium in the production of dental implants.

Titanium has the characteristic of being a perfectly biocompatible material with the human organism. Making dental implants in titanium therefore meant preventing the human body from rejecting materials foreign to it and thus giving rise to a rejection of the implant.

deferred loading implantology

On the same theory the studies of Professor Branemark and his team in Sweden continue, in fact the biocompatibility of titanium with the jaw bone is deepened, up to the awareness of the osseointegration process.

By osseointegration we mean the ability of the jaw bone to integrate perfectly with the titanium dental implant. Titanium bone and screw are integrated into a single whole.

Osteointegration is the basis of delayed-load implantology.

The characteristic of deferred loading implantology consists in completing the procedure in two distinct phases:

  • First phase of implant insertion
  • Second phase (after 3 or 6 months) screwing of the crown to the implant

At the end of the two phases the patient could finally have a fixed set of teeth.

A big step forward for dentistry, finally there was an alternative to mobile prostheses. But it could still be improved.

Immediate loading implantology

Further progress came from various studies published around 1990, the goal of dentistry was to further reduce waiting times for prosthesis insertion.

Thanks to scientific research it was possible to assume and then experiment the possibility of immediately inserting all the components of the dental implant without waiting for the 3/6 months necessary for osseointegration, clearly where there was a good primary stability (understood as the possibility of fixing adequately the implants to the bone).

Nobel implantology protocol Milan Sanident

Finally we can talk about immediate loading implantology.

The differences

The deferred load still offers the opportunity to have fixed teeth, but with respect to the immediate load the following conditions must be considered:

  • prolong the discomfort of 3 or 6 months before having new fixed teeth
  • double intervention and therefore greater stress for the patient
  • number of major visits and therefore greater commitment

Immediate loading, thanks to constant research on materials and the improvement of the implants, allows fixed teeth to be obtained in a single session.

To the extremely reduced themes compared to the past, there is also the absence of pain, thanks also to the sophisticated technological instruments.

Dentistry continues today to perfect its techniques, fixed teeth in 24 hours and without pain is not a slogan but finally a reality.

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