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Painless implantology, you can

Painless implantology

Talking about implantology is useful to dispel the idea that this type of intervention is always painful. Today dentistry and, in particular, the implantologist have worked to reduce the impact on the patient to a minimum: from computer-guided implantology to the newest diagnostic tools, to conscious sedation that eases the patient’s tension while keeping him alert and allowing the dentist to work with maximum concentration. Painless implant surgery is now possible.

When a patient is afraid of pain

Fear of the dentistAmong the patients of a dental center there are those who are defined as dental phobia: they harbor a latent or full-blown fear for everything related to the teeth and mouth.
Precisely for this reason the new dentistry has not been able to avoid the need to open our eyes to the patient and his fears trying to make the experience at the dentist less fearful than in the past. Today, the patient is listened to and informed through a precise and clear explanation of what the intervention will be, its phases and the objective that will be achieved. This is certainly not what eliminates the pain but, for sure, the dental practice is not an environment devoid of the human side and, above all, there is no one who can understand your fears better than those who have treated many cases similar to yours. .

Specifically, it is technology and scientific research that have made us take a significant step forward in this sector. In this article we will explore new techniques but, before doing it, we want to talk to you about what will make the intervention free of pain, anxiety and bad memories: conscious sedation.

Conscious sedation

painless implantology with conscious sedationConscious sedation occurs with the use of a mask through which nitrous oxide is administered (therefore no puncture) capable of giving, with an almost immediate effect, a diffused sensation of relaxation. This gas is non-toxic and does not cause allergies, its effect will soon be dissolved with a little oxygen. As a rule, this type of anesthesia is combined with local anesthesia and is administered by the competent anesthesiologists who work within our clinic.

Computer guided implantology: the advantages of technology

Implantology is a matter in constant evolution: the use of very high precision machinery, useful for the planning of the intervention, have allowed the reduction of invasiveness compared to the past and traditional surgical techniques.
We are talking about computer guided implantology, a method that does not involve the use of scalpels for the positioning of dental implants in the bone crests. In other words, it will not be necessary to cut the gums and apply sutures.

How does technology-assisted implantology take place? Here is a summary in three steps:

  1. The patient will undergo a CT scan for 3D reconstruction of the affected arch.
  2. The radiological examination, then, will be acquired digitally with a special 3D program and will allow the surgeon to plan the computer intervention, through a simulation and the exact definition of the type, size, number and exact points of the arches where implants will be inserted.
  3. From the simulation data we proceed to the construction of a surgical template: it is a resin mask with holes that is used at the time of the intervention by positioning it on the affected arch. And precisely through the holes in the template, the implants will be inserted, in the exact position provided and without an incision in the gum.


  • high precision in positioning the prosthesis. With this methodology one has the exact knowledge of the location of the implants;
  • a single surgery without scalpel or stitches;
  • shorter duration of the operation;
  • immediate installation of stable and perfect temporary teeth. With computer-guided implantology, the dental laboratory has the opportunity to build the fixed temporary prosthesis in advance. So the dentist will be able to apply the dental prosthesis on the implants as soon as the operation is finished;
  • indicated for cardiopathic patients, diabetics or subjects with anticoagulant therapies.

It is not always possible to use the template and it is not said that the template is always the best solution. Certainly the use of 3D images and the support of specific software capable of analyzing and designing make the intervention simple, precise, safe and minimally invasive.

Sanident technologies and tools

To provide a high quality service and ensure a successful intervention, our center is equipped with high precision machinery and a complete staff that boasts highly experienced and trained implantologists specialists. Let’s take an overview of the machinery we have in the center:

Tac Cone Beam 3D Gendex
Tac Cone Beam 3D Gendex
  • the Tac Cone Beam, with its high resolution three-dimensional radiographic images, it allows to obtain an in-depth examination of the dental arches and the acquisition of very precise diagnostic data. All in 3D. With this device, the dentist will be able to plan the treatment more precisely and limit the patient’s exposure to radiation. The Tac Cone Beam 3D available to Sanident is Gendex (USA).
  • 3D digital intraoral scanners for the detection of precision impressions on the dental arches
  • Cad-Cam systems for the digitalization of impressions and the creation of dental prostheses even in a single session.


With conscious sedation and the use of diagnostic tools, which allow you to plan the intervention with great precision, you can limit or completely cancel the risk of trauma for the patient. Painless implantology is therefore reality. If you are afraid of the dentist, it is only right that you know that it is now more painful to remain with an old denture or a badly-worn mouth than to resort to implantology. Book an appointment now if you want to solve your problems without pain.

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