low cost dental clinics

Low cost dental clinics VS Specialized dental centers

Recently, some television broadcasts have created and broadcast services with direct testimonials on the experience of patients who have turned to low-cost dental clinics. Read more

teeth cleaning

Parties without a hitch? Remember about cleaning your teeth

Christmas and the holiday season are an opportunity to indulge in some excess especially with regards to food and desserts in particular, with little consideration for cleaning the teeth. Food inattentions can generate more or less serious consequences for our dental health, especially if at the base there is already neglected oral hygiene. Read more

sanident medical staff

We are at the patient’s service from diagnosis to post-surgery

The Sanident medical staff is made up of over fifty professionals with different specializations and skills: implant and regenerative surgery, invisible and traditional orthodontics, radiology, anesthesiologists, dental doctors, occupational doctors, dental hygienists, dental consultants, dental chair assistants, assistants in the sterilization and sanitization process, CAD-CAM operator technicians, dental laboratory technicians.

Read more

3D software: implantology designed in detail

The use of 3D software for the planning of an implantology intervention has contributed to further innovation in the field of dentistry.
In particular, compared to previous surgical techniques, the possibility of using technologies such as 3D software and other very high precision instruments has made implant surgery much less invasive and with very high success guarantees. Read more

intraoral digital scanner

Intraoral digital scanner: very high precision dental impressions

The MHT 3D Progress intraoral digital scanner has been in use by the medical team at the Sanident center for some time. Our dentists use the intraoral scanner to obtain a digital impression of the patients’ teeth and surrounding tissues. Read more

first teeth

First teeth: what is the correct oral hygiene?

There is always a lot of anticipation for the appearance of the first teeth, in fact probably much more attention is paid to waiting than to the effective care of the teeth once they have arisen. Yet the oral hygiene of the first teeth must not be absolutely overlooked. Read more

milling Machine

Dental Machine G5 milling machine: an investment for your smile

The Dental Machine G5 milling machine has actually entered Sanident‘s technical equipment and is added to the already large range of high-tech instruments, such as the ZEISS operating microscope, which can guarantee our patients maximum efficiency and reliability. Read more

root canal treatment

Root canal treatment or devitalization: what is it about?

The root canal treatment or more commonly devitalization is a dental treatment that preserves the tooth from a possible extraction and consists in the removal of the dental pulp or the part of tissue that is located in the center of the tooth. Read more

Dentistry operating microscope

Operating microscope: the best technology for your teeth

The ZEISS operating microscope (our clinic has recently acquired 5), will increase the reliability, innovation and precision of our technological instrumentation which has always been at the forefront to guarantee excellence in the care of the health of our patients . Read more

do it yourself teeth whitening

Do-it-yourself teeth whitening? Better not

Teeth whitening is in effect a dental treatment that has the aim of correcting the alteration of the color of the teeth making them whiter. Bleaching is used not only to improve the aesthetic appearance and regain a bright smile, but also to intervene and neutralize dental discolouration due to various diseases such as: fluorosis or stains caused by the use of particular drugs. Read more