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Low cost dental clinics VS Specialized dental centers

low cost dental clinics

Recently, some television broadcasts have created and broadcast services with direct testimonials on the experience of patients who have turned to low-cost dental clinics.
As often happens in these cases, the TV raises fuss and the public expresses its indignation for the dentists who endanger the health of their patients; yet at the time of evaluating the estimate for a dental implant, for example, never reflects enough on why there is a substantial price difference between the excellent dental centers and the low cost dental clinics.

Low cost dental clinics: low prices and …

Let’s take dental implantology as an example. Faced with a traumatic event such as tooth loss, the first step we make is to research the prices of dental implants online or through other sources. It takes little to realize that there are very large and instinctive price differences, perhaps not to give up something more pleasant than a dental therapy, we always tend to evaluate the lowest prices.

Have you ever wondered what is behind such a low price for dental care?

We who are one of the dental centers of excellence for implantology know for sure which and how many our cost centers are and we want to summarize in a table only some of the elements that should always be kept in mind when evaluating a quote:

low cost dental clinics

The elements we have included in the table are not exhaustive, but they are certainly among the most important because they constitute the basis for guaranteeing patient health.

Pre-implant assessment and planning, for example, is a fundamental phase for the success of dental implantology and cannot be carried out briefly, because each patient has specific needs. This is why we carry out tailor-made interventions and each estimate is drawn up only after a visit; only in this way can you be sure that you have fixed teeth which are as similar as possible to your natural teeth.

Guaranteeing the implant for 5 years means having the certainty of using certified and high quality methods and materials, with a medical staff able to follow every phase of therapy, before and after surgery.

The well-being of our patients is a priority for us, so we invite you to reflect on what is actually behind the lines of a quote for dental care, before I even talk about TV.

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