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Parties without a hitch? Remember about cleaning your teeth

teeth cleaning

Christmas and the holiday season are an opportunity to indulge in some excess especially with regards to food and desserts in particular, with little consideration for cleaning the teeth. Food inattentions can generate more or less serious consequences for our dental health, especially if at the base there is already neglected oral hygiene.

Brushing teeth, using mouthwash, flossing are good daily practices which, if carried out regularly, help to maintain a healthy mouth and consequently a general well-being.

However, daily oral hygiene is not sufficient to remove plaque and tartar which over time settles in the most remote corners of our dental arches, for this reason it is good practice to perform a deep cleaning of the teeth, or a de-scaling, at least twice a year. year.

Before the holidays, the best time to clean your teeth

Of the twice a year recommended by dentists to carry out a scaling, one would surely be useful to book it before the Christmas period. Now let’s explain why.

Caries and periodontitis are the most common diseases of the mouth, periodontitis is also one of the main causes of tooth loss. At the origin of caries and periodontal disease there are two triggers: plaque and tartar.

    • Plaque is a patina invisible to the human eye, composed of bacteria present in the oral cavity. Plaque bacteria feed mainly on sugars and other substances that we ingest during meals (fats and carbohydrates). Bacterial plaque begins to form immediately after eating, it is therefore easy to imagine that in periods when it is easier to neglect oral hygiene or we have a diet rich in sugars, fats and carbohydrates, as can happen during holidays, proliferation plaque is widely favored.
    • Instead tartar is formed by the stratification of the plaque. When we talk about stratification we must not think of layers that overlap over the decades, bacteria need just over a day to accumulate between their teeth and turn into tartar.

It doesn’t take much to not spoil the holidays for a toothache

It would not be nice to disturb your dentist on New Year’s day because chewing a piece of nougat we feel an unbearable pain in the teeth. It would make more sense to arrive at Christmas with the situation under control and clean teeth, to avoid that tartar can quickly degenerate into periodontitis.

teeth cleaningDeep scaling or deep dental cleaning can be done in a dental office, at the dentist or by a dental hygienist. We must always make sure to entrust the cleaning of our mouth to professional figures who have the qualifications to do it, in fact, de-scaling is a dental treatment and must be performed in specialized centers.

A thorough cleaning requires at least thirty minutes of chair, therefore beware of hurry and therefore too low prices. In order to be effective, tartar ablation is important for it to reach parts of the mouth that are difficult to reach: interdental spaces and sub-gingival areas.

Deep dental hygiene is the best ally against dental diseases and remembering it in time also helps to spend the holidays with greater serenity.

Your dentists want only the best for you, now we just have to wish you happy holidays to everyone!

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