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Dental Machine G5 milling machine: an investment for your smile

milling Machine

The Dental Machine G5 milling machine has actually entered Sanident‘s technical equipment and is added to the already large range of high-tech instruments, such as the ZEISS operating microscope, which can guarantee our patients maximum efficiency and reliability.

Technological innovation is added to the proven professional skills of our medical staff, a combination that plays to the advantage of those who choose Sanident for dental care. The milling machine was developed specifically for the dental sector. Its operation is completely automatic and has been designed to make any accessory aimed at dentistry with different materials: crowns, bridges, models, connection bars can be made with wax, resin, aluminum, zirconium and titanium.

In particular, in the Sanident laboratory the milling machine joins 2 other milling machines already supplied and, at the moment, it is used exclusively for the processing of titanium materials. Titanium is an extremely light material (it weighs four times less than gold) and has elastic qualities similar to those of bone tissue, as well as being characterized by hardness, strength and resistance.

How does a milling machine work?

sanident milling machineThe Dental Machine G5 milling machine is able to work titanium thanks to five axes: three X, Y and Z axes and two additional rotary ones. All five axes are interconnected with each other and are controlled by digital motors that automatically determine their position. A set of technology at the highest level that guarantee precision at a micron (0.001 mm).
The advantage for the dental technician, who is fortunate to be supported in his daily work by a technological device of this magnitude, is that of being able to manage the milling machine remotely. Thanks to a touch screen tablet and specific software, the technician can manage all the functions of the milling machine from a single device; the supplied software is also able to automatically select the most suitable tool (among the 19 present) for processing the material.

Why does Sanident invest so much in technology?

Joining expert professionals with the most innovative technological devices means guaranteeing a combination of excellence that allows the Sanident Medical Center to offer its patients the highest standards of certified quality.
The experience gained over the years and the highest precision instruments have the aim of making each intervention, therapy, cure, a success story because your smile is our most beautiful business card.

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