local anesthesia wisdom tooth extraction

Local or general anesthesia for extraction of the third molar

The extraction of the wisdom tooth can be more or less complex depending on the specific clinical case and the anatomy of the patient and the operation can be performed both under local anesthesia and under general anesthesia.

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short implant in milan implantology

Short system or standard system: pros and cons

Thanks to a short implant even patients with little bone can, in some cases, undergo immediate loading implant surgery. Read more

caries and peri-implantitis

New materials for dental implants

The biofilm, or the complex set of microorganisms that populate our mouth and adheres to teeth and gums, if it accumulates on the gums can compromise the entire implant. New studies are developing materials that can withstand bacterial attack. Read more

effectiveness of tooth whitening

Effectiveness of tooth whitening: how to evaluate it

A nice and frequent altercation between patient and dentist regards the effectiveness of tooth whitening. “Doctor my teeth are the same color”, this is a statement that happens to hear. How is the effectiveness of teeth whitening evaluated? Read more


Sleep apnea: how to intervene with dental care

Sleep apnea is a very common experience, the sufferer can record, over the course of one night, several episodes of sleep apnea with consequences that have an impact on health and quality of life. Read more

milano dental prostheses

Dental prostheses: CAD / CAM technology or traditional technique?

The realization of mobile dental prostheses can take place following two distinct procedures: the traditional procedure, which involves the manual creation of prostheses, and the computer guided technique. Read more

Cancer therapies: consequences on osseointegration

Cancer therapies are at the center of numerous researches, the goal is to make them increasingly personalized and limit side effects. In the field of dentistry, oncological therapies can have an impact on some treatments, in particular on implantology. Read more

extraction of the tooth of judgment dentist Milan

Wisdom tooth extraction: different intervention techniques

The extraction of the wisdom tooth is a fairly widespread oral surgery, but it can give rise to various complications from the clinical point of view.

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reduced masticatory function

Reduced masticatory function due to periodontitis

The correct masticatory function is determined by the health of the oral cavity and the temporomandibular system. In any case, modern dentistry seeks to preserve natural teeth to avoid damage to the patient even when chewed. Read more

cure tooth hypersensitivity

Treating tooth hypersensitivity: effective methods

Although having sensitive teeth is a very common problem, few patients know how to treat tooth hypersensitivity. Read more